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  1. Hi all I have just turned 55 and desperately need a new car. It turns out I have a small pension fund of around £4000 which I was going to cash in. However I still have some debts (that I am paying at a nominal amount for the last 5 years) As the pension is with Lloyd’s and so is the debt is there a likelihood of them taking the money if I cash it in?? I am aware that they can but wondered if they would be likely to after all this time as it is probably ‘written off’ by the bank. Has anyone else been in this position please??
  2. ericsbrother, thanks so much for your reply, I have been busy with work so had missed your reply. I am just in the process of submitting online to POPLA now, it has really helped knowing what to put in the appeal form. Do I need to also mention that I did shop there also? I didn't put this in the original appeal to PE? I am amazed that the shops around this car park don't do anything about it...there is Matalan, sport direct, mothercare, home bargains and a costa coffee to name but a few. With the maximum time for parking being 2 hours there is no way you could browse all the shops and have
  3. Sorry to be a pain....so I would send a similar letter to the one I sent to parking eye pointing out about the GPEOL....I Also have a receipt for purchase made while parked on the day I received the charge, is it useful to also include this do you think? Is there a time frame I have to adhere to for sending the appeal to POPLA? Many thanks
  4. Thanks Bazooka Is there a template letter I should use for the appeal letter to POPLA please?
  5. Yes I have a POPLA reference on one of them. The other says rejection of invalid invoice. Just unsure of what to do next
  6. Hi all Have this morning received 2 letters in reply to my appeal to parking eye. I am unsure what to do now. Could someone please advise hopefully they are attached below. Many thanks
  7. Hi all, Cant find the one i was looking at earlier, but did find another dated 2011. Am I right in thinking that ignoring them was the way it used to be??
  8. Armadillo, not ignoring you, just trying to find the post i read earlier.
  9. sorry should have said 23rd Feb
  10. Hi Date of offence was Monday 23rd, I received parking charge notice Thursday 5th March, not post date on envelope. Not a windscreen ticket.
  11. Hi Armadillo, Have read the template letter which is on several of the parking eye threads ( basically saying the notice doesnt comply with section 4 of the protection of freedom act etc etc....... but then another thread said just to ignore all letters??
  12. Hi Guys It has been a while since I've been on here as you all helped sort some of my debts a couple of years ago This week I have received a parking charge notice from parking eye for being parked 2 hours 20 mins and the max time was 2 hours which i genuinely didn't realise. It is a shopping centre and I had made a purchase in one of the shops as well as had a look round several others and stopped for a Costa coffee! Anyway, after checking your forum I was about to send a letter of appeal but have noticed one of the threads says to just ignore much the same as DC's so now I'm not s
  13. Thanks to everyone for your advice. Have posted special delivery today. Now just waiting for response
  14. Thanks, unfortunately they are not filled in the individual boxes, they appear to be using a sticker with the numbers printed on them!! Have tried all combinations. Thanks anyway.
  15. The address on the front of the papers is Salford but I have a Northampton seal??
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