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  1. sign up for the noddle credit report as its free ongoing unlike the trial versions with equifax/experian - its very useful Oh and DX is a big help and he's already on your thread so thats a good start!
  2. Hi, We did exactly the same thing in October last year, we were concerned that CCCS were not actually acting in our best interests and had made a couple of mistakes it turned out. It was very daunting to begin with but with some good advice from this site we are taking control and getting there. Contact all your creditors and tell them what you are doing we found that most were very helpful and we even got a months breathing space from a couple to help us get sorted! You will no doubt get some very good advice on hear from some very informed people - best of luck!
  3. We have 2 laptops a HP notebook (bought cheap for daughters homework etc) and a HP laptop (work provided) and they are both great - However they both have an annoying little foible... when you are 'scrolling' about a screen with the mouse pad a tiny scroll bar appears at the side of the pointer and the screen jumps to the top or bottom and it's really frustrating does anyone know how to get rid of this??? (I asked IT dept at work and was told 'oh it's probably in you devices - pointer/mouse settings' but I couldn't find anything tat made a difference
  4. I'm checking on Noddle and there is no 'Owner' so I'm assuming the 'lender' named is the owner of the debt?
  5. Createcard is the name of the original Lloyds credit card, listed as Lloyds TSB on the Credit file(noddle) thats the one that has had a solicitors letter from SCM Solicitors MBNA was the original lender but shows as Idem Servicing on Credit File (noddle)
  6. Both show Nov 2006 as first history on Noddle MBNA (Idem servicing) is early arrears due to not paying anything this month - they can't seem to give us the details we need to arrange a payment Status - Late Payment Lloyds Createcard showing status as default in Nov 2011 - whilst CCCS were managing our debt!!!
  7. We started dealing with our own debts after leaving CCCS and 2 of our debts (Lloyds TSB and MBNA ) are being handled by DCA's. We requested CCA's for both as we wanted to be sure of everything CCCS had been doing and didn't recognise the names payments were going to after chasing we found Wescot were dealing with the Lloyds loan and Idem were dealing with MBNA debt and we issued requests and £1 cheques to these companies. The one from Lloyds is 'a copy of the reconstituted version of your executed agreement and a signed statement of your account' - it goes on to say ...
  8. Do we have to do individual or can we do a joint application - we had sole and joint accounts/loans etc with them ?
  9. If we cant recall all account numbers we've had with them (banked with them for over 20yrs before we dropped them) would they be honest and include all information they held even if we only supplied one account number?
  10. This was our first reaction but as we don't know if we had ppi or not on the loan wouldn't the fos just dismiss any correspondence?
  11. around 3 months ago my partner rang Lloyds about a loan account asking if it had ppi - we had no paperwork from the original loan - she was told yes it did and would she like to make a claim. She said yes, was transferred to another department who asked several questions and then told her the claim was now in progress. We then got a letter telling us the loan didn't have ppi and the claim was rejected! She phoned to ask why they had told her it did and was told that it was an error and that it did have ppi and the claim was reinstated. About 4 weeks ago she rang to chase the claim an
  12. Thanks excellent answer - letter in post in the morning
  13. Hi, looking for some advice - I submitted a ppi claim to MBNA using the standard FOS questionnaire form a couple of weeks later they wrote to me asking me to contact them to verify my identity before they could progress with my claim, when after 5 attempts to get through to appropriate department (on hold for at least 15mins each time - number given on letter went to a recorded message then cut you off) I was asked to confirm my date of birth which was on the form I submitted originally!! Now 2 further weeks later I got a text message today saying " To help us investigate your complaint w
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