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  1. To be honest, Im not 100% sure. We did put that it wasnt requested. So do I respond asking for proof of application? Is there a template for this? Sorry for all the questions, have been reading through and want to make sure I get it right.
  2. Evening Guys, Well we finally had a response from BC and as follows: "We have identified that your application for PPI was submitted by Post. At the point of applying for PPI, as no advice was given process required you to select the type of cover you required. As a result we are not able to uphold your complaint" Does this mean Mum cannot claim? Many Thanks
  3. Thanks Guys, Soon as we hear back from BC I will update. However, they are already 4 days over due on their response. Should I wait until say Wednesday??
  4. Morning Guys, Been looking through the forums recently and have been working on claiming back money from Barclay Card. My mother has had a Barclays Credit Card for some time now and unfortunatly got behind with the payments. Barclaycard contacted Mum and arranged a Payment plan, and they asked how come Mum had fallen behind. Mum explained that both herself and Dad had been ill, Mum had an Eye operation and Dad had a knee replacement. The lady on the phone asked Mum "Why didnt you use the PPI you have on your account?" Mum wasnt aware of the fact that she had PPI since ta
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