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  1. Is is correct procedure. Are there any governing laws etc. it seems as though there is someone interested in the job that missed the original application deadline so it was readvertised for one day to give them a chance of submitting their application.
  2. Hi there. I'm not sure if there are any regulations regarding this but....... I applied for a job with my present company within the application deadline (22nd November2013) I was told afterwards that this vacancy may have to be put on the 'back burner' for the time being. Out of the blue yesterday, 6th Dec, at 2pm my line manager informed me (in public) that I had been short listed for interview next Thursday along with two other internal applicants and 3 external applicants. I then received an email alert this morning showing that this vacancy had been re-advertised at 9am yesterday (6th
  3. We have a self-employed person (28 yrs old) providing a service for our business. Unfortunately a problem has arisen with this service and we have written to the person explaining this. In way of a response all they will say is that we should not contact them directly but to their representative; the representative is their father. We have so far sent four letters and have received the same response every time. We have also received a letter from the father saying we should address all corrrespondence, referring to his son, to him. Do we have any obligation to deal with anyone other than
  4. Hi There Thought I would let you know that the person in question eventually (after many meetings!!) resigned from the committee as they thought this would be less embarrassing than being ousted at en EGM. Thanks again for the advice.
  5. Thank you slick. Will let you know the outcome, but its likely to take a while!
  6. Hi Slick Thank you for changing the thread title and for your response to the query. I understand that it is difficult to give definite answers without knowing all the facts and rules, and that is far too long winded. Our rules are a bit vague and the two listed above are the only ones that actually refer to removing a member from the club due to any kind of misconduct. Although I actually agree with the points you make I wonder if it would make a difference depending on what the actual problem was. As you say, I cant go into detail but a while ago another member (although not a comm
  7. Please, if you think that is best. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  8. Sorry, thought I should just make it clear that the dispute is not over the cctv issue. That is a different problem!!
  9. Dear Rebel Thank you for your response. Unfortunately this link was to a set of rules for another club and although they are comprehensive and fairly clear, they have no relation to the rules in any other club. Each and every club has their own set of rules agreed by the membership and committee at an an AGM. What I am getting at in my earlier posting is that, as the rules state, if a straightforward member (Joe Bloggs) had brought the club into disrepute then that member would be able to be immediately dismissed from the club by the management committee. Our dilemna is,
  10. Thank you for the link. I will certainly let you know what happens. I wonder if you also have any info on interpreting our club constitituion rules. For example 1 rule states that an officer of the committee can only be removed by an EGM. a further rule states the management committee can remove remove a member from the club if their behaviour, on or off the premises, brings the club into disrepute. What would happen if the member in question bringing the club into disrepute is an officer of the committee. Can the committee have a majority vote to remove the member; or do they
  11. Good afternoon. I wonder if anybody can help please? I am a member of a sports club which is run by a management committee made up of individuals from the membership who get voted in at an AGM. The club premises are also hired out to members of the public for functions. The committee decided that due to a few break-ins to the club premises that they would install a cctv system. The system is accessed by the chairman and the club secretary only. There is, as far as I know, one small sign next to the front entrance of the club informing people that cctv is in operation. This is f
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