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  1. Hi Everyone, I have abit of a funny situation here and need some urgent advice. How soon after contravention should you receive a PCN? I have received 4 in total for the same offence 52JM, one going into the road at one time and one for coming out at another time on the same date? Is this even legal? Admittedly if i knew i committed the offence in the first place trust me i would not have done it again. I received 3 in one envelope today and one last week. All totalling upto £260 which is allot of money for me at the moment but to issue me two tickets on the same day at different times
  2. Hi Everyone, I got issued a PCN in March around 19:40 hours in Waterloo i was parked somewhere i have parked for years and have never previously received a parking ticket. On this occasion i came back to my car to find a PCN on my car basically Lambeth Council worked out lets try to make some money. Anyway the location on the ticket is wrong as i was parked somewhere that had no road sign's, street name or restrictions like a side loading road or something not sure really what to call it. It is very wide with a drop curb for vehicles to go up and park and as i stated i have been parking ther
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