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  1. Well this morning I Recieved this email which was also cc'd to the bailiffs... To confirm £175.13* has been paid over the weekend. I am copying this email to the bailiff to ensure that they update their records and note the direct payment made. * Please note that the bailiff may still proceed in relation to any* statutory fees incurred that they have incurred to date. * Martin Hendy*|*Revenues Collection Manager* Amber Valley Borough Council Financial Services Department*| Town Hall, Ripley, Derbyshire, DE5 3BT So Do I now just wait to hear from them to see what fees the
  2. well the letter i got from the council states i owe charge for property for period 10.06.2011 to 01.12.2011 council tax for band a £482.51 single person discount -£120.63 total council tax benefit granted -£231.61 total charge for period £130.27 payments -£15.14 court costs £60 total council tax payable £175.13
  3. this is my draft so far? anything else i should add or chance before i hit send?? i am writing with reference to your 'notice of seizure of goods and inventory' posted through my parents door. your ref: XXXXX council tax reference: XXXXXXXXX you have placed a levy/seizure on a car which does not belong to myself; namely vehicle with registration mark XXXXXXX, a check with the DVLA will verify that i have no association with this vehicle, if required i am also able to provide a copy of the V5 registration document and insurance documents to confirm this. i am th
  4. ok well its all kinda what i was hoping to hear... ill email the bailiffs in a minute and let them know the bill has been settled with the council and that the car does not belong to me therefore their levy thing is invalid and the bill has been paid... is there any specific wording i should use? when i initially spoke to the bailiff after i got the first letter i was told they would check the cars that were on the drive and if either were registered to me then they would levy them... looks like they forgot to do that. i forgot to mention earlier that the debt was with Amber Valley c
  5. may also be worth mentioning that all that is stated in the inventory section of the seizure notice is the registration number to the car on the drive, this will be changing tomorrow as his private plate has just just been registered to his new car! so where does that leave them??
  6. hi everyone, ive been reading through posts for the past hour or so now, i cannot believe i never realised any of this kind of stuff went on with bailiffs and our own councils! grab a cup of tea and a biscuit as this might go on a while!... im looking for a little advice on a council tax bill i was blissfully unaware that i owed... i moved back in with my parents in december last year and with all the upheaval i simply never thought to tell the council, since then apparently they have been sending council tax demands to my old address which i have obviously not been receivi
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