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  1. Hi all. Im looking to claim some ppi back from the clydedale bank and i was wondering how i go about it? Do i go into branch and ask for account details of previous loans or do i phone the phone banking number and go through all the menus till i get to speak to the appropriate person?All loans are finished about 3 years ago and i dont have any account info at hand. Thanks
  2. Dont really want the hassel off doing it myself and would much rather pay someone to do it 20% plus vat or there abouts.. Clydesdale bank, Moneyback Bank, BlackHorse finance, there may be others but cant remember all. I know these companies can search for past credit cards etc .
  3. hi all new to this forum. Basically i am looking to claim ppi back but dont know which service to use as there appears to be so many, all with different % etc. Not sure of all details aswell so they would have to do abit of digging. Can anyone suggest a company who dont take a high % and who is reliable. Most appreciated guys thanks.
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