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  1. Brigadier they sent me a letter i have never acknowledged the letter apart from a short phone call to ask what its all about does that count as acknowledgment ?
  2. can i have this removed from my credit file as i have never had a store card and the 2 credit cards i do have are both ok so i dont want this on my file
  3. it is 27 06 2006 it says on here is that any help?
  4. i will just pull up my credit report and give you all the data you need thank you for your patience
  5. sorry it doesnt show any last payments at all and it wasnt there 2 months ago
  6. They have only done it sporadically every few months saying default 802£ credit/store card taken out 23/03/2005
  7. Hey there just after a little advice please. A few months ago i received a letter from Aktiv Kapital demanding 800 pounds for an unpaid credit card debt from germany i assured them i have never had a german credit card. I received an email last week from my identity theft provider saying my credit report had been changed so i logged in and they have put a red line from jul 2006 how can i have this removed. any advice greatly received
  8. I have had a letter from them asking for 800 pounds i thought mistake and binned it. I have just had an email from my identity protection service saying there has been changes to my credit file i have logged on and i now have a red line on my credit report for the last god knows how long. Should i contact them?
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