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  1. Thanks dx, according to the head honcho in customer service, the machine can only be declared as a "write off" if they haven't got the machine running after 28 days. I believe i'm around 21 days into that cycle (sic) There is no mention of28 days in the fine print, only that, and these are their words "we will make sure your product is repaired quickly and professionally." What complete and utter tosh, had i been aware of their 28 day "rule" i would never have taken out the warranty, i hope this can be a warning to others that may find themselves in a similar situation to myself. Darren
  2. Hello i brought a Beko washing machine on 05/10/2010 and decided to take out the Dixons mastercare extended 5 year warranty. Unsurprisingly the machine developed a fault on the 28th june. I called the hotline number and had to wait a week for an engineer to come out and "fix" the problem. He ran a cycle of tests and declared the machine good to use . After trying to do a wash after he had left it became apparent that the fault was still in tact, the engineer had in fact fixed nothing. Back on the phone and a week later a second engineer turns up, tells me he replaced the pump and didn't know why the first engineer hadn't already done this as it was an obvious problem. Off up the road he goes we try to do another wash and this time a different fault has developed, the machine starts it's cycle, fills up with water and then stops! .. ...back on the phone again to take another date for engineer number three who after another five days makes a complete no show!... ..back on the phone again, this time to be told that due to a system "error" our appointment has been cancelled and that the next one available is five days away which currently leaves us (still) three and a half weeks with a washing machine that is still not guaranteed to be repaired .. ...at my wits end and the family can't wash their clothes completely hopeless experience from this company and endless fobbing off from their condescending /patronising customer service, never again, do yourself a favor and avoid it too it's cheaper and less grief to buy a new washer!
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