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  1. Can't say I've had an issue with DD as mentioned above, probably as they come out just after I get paid. It has happened again this month. last night I checked my wife's account and had balance of £30. I went out and spent £21 and knew our OD charges were coming out today. I checked bank at 4pm and spent £21 around 5.30pm. checked this morning and am overdrawn by £14 as a Maestro transaction that I made on Sat 23/03 had come out after I checked it at 4pm yesterday.


    I know it's my responsibility to check transactions but it a bit funny how they always seem to delay until my balance is nearly to zero. On my statement it came out before the £21 I spent so why did it let me spend it. So annoying, think I will have to clear my OD and move to another bank.

  2. I don't know what to make of this or if I'm being a bit paranoid but this has been happening to me quite often.


    I have a overdraft of £600 and most months I get near to it. About 3 times this year I have looged into my bank account and checked my balance e.g £10, I have then spent £7 on a Maestro transaction. Then a couple of days later, when I check my account I am overdrawn due to another transaction that I made a week earlier has come off.


    Some may say it's my fault for not checking that my transactions are off the balance but I just find it strange that the transactions only get delayed when I'm near to my overdraft limit. When contacting YB they said Tesco (which the transaction was with) had 3 or 6 months (cannot remember) to take the transaction. Funny how the £7 came out instantly leaving £3 but a purchase a week earlier was not off yet, it was from the same Tesco store. Just seems that it would be all too easy for banks to hold a transaction back until I near my overdraft limit and BAM! £25 please.


    Has anyone else had issues with delayed Maestro transactions or a similar experience?

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