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  1. I understand what you mean though in this specific spot there was a sign allowing parking space as well as the marking on the pavement. The sign is gone and the lines for the parking space is fading which i dont know if it is due to weather conditions or wether it has been cleared by the council. As you have suggested I would have a look at the TRO and see if there is still allow to park in there. Thank you so much for your help Maria
  2. Hello Mr Browne, it was ouside number 11 priory road, right after the traffic lights. I have had a look at google street map under camfrey court, priory road n8 and you can see the spot as well as the other cars parked on the pavement a bit further up the road. Sorry i dont know how to post the google street into the message. thanks for coming back Maria
  3. Hi dear, two months ago i parked outside my friends house where there is a parking space on the footpath and went to work. My friend called me soon after she noticed that i had parked in there to let me know that the sign for this parking space had been removed by haringey council about a year ago without previous warning. She had actually seen the people removing it and asked them what was going on to which they replied that they were getting the sign back. They never did!!! When I got back home i did some research and found that if the council was to remove a parking space they had to le
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