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  1. Update: I was back in court today for another disconnection warrant. Spoke to the representative from British gas who recognised me. He understood what was going on and knew I was in the right, he offered to remove my warrant then and there but I said I would rather see the judge and have him side with me as that will give me more weight to go forward and try and put an end to this. Eventually got to see the judge and he sided with me and denied the warrant. Winner winner chicken dinner. Unsure exactly where to go from here though, the representative said he would do
  2. I've had plenty of those. And 'pre disconnection charges' with no disconnection. Or even a warrant.
  3. As a very brief summary, British gas business sent me a letter stating they would refuse a contract based on there being an outstanding amount on the account that was a miss billing that was subsequently removed. They refuse to back date contracts to that date. They have sent me 9 warrant notifications over the years on a rightfully disputed account which I have attended. The ombudsman failed me due to bad communication.
  4. Yes they are both related. I thought the best course was to start a new thread given the information available to me now. And sorry about the mistakes, I proof read it at least twice, not sure how they got through but by the time I realised it was after the allowed 10 minutes. Yes the 39k,25k and 40k at the beginning are meter reads (unit values on the meter not money). And for some reason my phone loves to put contact instead of contract, sorry. I think you can tell where the mistakes are easy enough though.
  5. Right as promised this is a main thread to hopefully get some advice on what to do about the problems im having with them, bear with me, there's a lot to get through. I started renting the property in November 2006. 2 weeks before I got the keys there was a meter read taken of around 39k,when I took it over the landlord gave an incorrect reading of 25k, 2 weeks after that another read was taken of around 40k. BGB being what they are, used the 25k reading and my first bill was £2600. After much back and forth this was corrected in 2007. It's worth mentioning at this point that in t
  6. I had no option to as they hadn't turned up so no warrant was applied for while I was there. No doubt I'll be back there soon enough though lol.
  7. It wasn't back in court on Wednesday, that's the day they were due to come and disconnect me, like I said, last minute! And I've been to court 9 times with this now, I've not been reimbursed for any of it and I absolutely am out of pocket over it for all the lost time. I've also found some direct proof last night, extra to what I already had that backs up my claim. I may have to take legal action against them.
  8. The warrant has been set aside, success! After finally getting through to the right department at the courts and getting a direct line to contact them on and resending the email on Friday, they have been in touch with british gas and now they have reset the proceedings. Whether or not they actually turn up tomorrow remains to be seen but the courts are on my side for this issue now and I have a contact number and name at bg that dealt with it. I have nothing in writing at this point but I feel confident I won't be getting cut off tomorrow. I've been over and over my figures and I'm
  9. Also, can you do an SAR for a limited company? I might be getting a bit off topic here though
  10. So I've spoken to bg again, apparently their representative was stuck in traffic and didn't get there till after 1, getting in on a 2pm session and getting the warrant granted. Doesn't explain why when I rang them at 11am that day they told me it had already been through. I will be speaking to the courts again. Turning up 5 hours late is not acceptable in my eyes, especially after the judge told me he would not be issuing a warrant if they did turn up late. I would not have left unless he said this. Somethings not right here. Does anyone think the ombudsman will do anything about th
  11. Well I've spoken to bg, as far as they know it will be going ahead, but they called the person who would have put it through and got no answer, so I'm to ring back tomorrow. Spoken to the local court, they couldn't tell me either way as it was commercial and they didn't have access to those records. They did give me an email address to send a request to, which I have. It seems that if they do turn up on the 25th, it will be very difficult to prove if the piece of paper they bring with them is legitimate or not. I'm not lying down and taking this.
  12. I'm hoping it was an auto generated letter and like I say, more scare tactics. But I Don't believe I've ever received one of these before. I'll ring the court now. Although I Wouldn't put anything past them, I know just how deviant they can be.
  13. After 11 years of problems with British gas business electricity supply and more billing mistakes than I've got time to list here they are still pursuing me for a debt I dispute. The ombudsman have failed me on this matter so my options are limited at this stage, I have so far attended court for disconnection warrants 9 times, each time but the last it's been removed from the list that morning, without notification to myself. The last time (11/4/18) I turned up on time as usual armed with all my information and up to date figures according to my (correct) calculations. A representativ
  14. Hi, late reply again but more developments. First, in reply, I have a copy of every bill ever received, showing the wrong readings and the ones where they have corrected the readings, also ones from a later date where they have reverted to the incorrect readings and generated dates to suit. I also have an email from a high level member of staff confirming the incorrect readings as such and quoting the correct ones. Which have since been ignored (could be because I found a discrepancy in their calculations whereby I owed them ~£200 more than I should have, I get the feeling it was done out
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