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  1. Hi DX, yes it was HFC as I also had a Marbles card (took both out due to original names.) and the form was the same, HFC are currently looking into my Marbles claim.
  2. Hi, No I don't have a copy of the original agreement.
  3. Hi, I have recently written to HFC regards a Goldfish credit card account I had going back to around 1997 and I am 95% sure the PPI was automatically ticked on a magazine mailshot. I have written to HFC regards a miss-selling claim and they have written back advising I need to contact the bank that holds the account now (Lloyds TSB) although the credit card was closed and paid off in 2006. I believe that as this claim is for the initial miss-selling rather than on going charges it is still HFC that are ultimately responsible, is this correct, are they just sending me on a wild goose chase ???.
  4. Ok, thats going to be a challenge but probably worth the time spent. Are there other Forums I should look at on here regards reclaiming PPI against Santander for mortgage loans ??
  5. hi, thanks for the spreadsheet, do I need to locate all my bank statements going back to when i took the mortgage out and enter the dates and amounts one by one ??
  6. Sorry, also how would i workout any amount owed and would the claim be for for the total length of the mortgage up to date or should I still submit a separate claim for the time spent with Abbey before the buy out and one since Santander became the mortgage lender ??
  7. Hi, our monthly payments are going to Abbey/Santander.
  8. Hi, we would have both had 6 months min full pay for long term sickness from our employers and we both have life insurance policies to cover in the event of terminal illness or bereavement of a partner. The PPI has always been a separate amount but quoted to run alongside the mortgage, and just to confirm you are advising Santander are solely responsible for the whole claim ??
  9. Hi, I am currently considering a PPI claim against Santander for Mortgage PPI, I took a mortgage out with Abbey in 1998 for 45000 and have remained with Abbey/Santander through out this period and after additional borrowing over the years have a remaining balance of 72000 (including interest). When i took the mortgage out i was advised that i had to show the mortgage under writers that i had a means to repay the mortgage if either myself or my partner went sick and so I was advised that PPI would be needed to show this, I now believe that this would be deemed as being mis-sold, if this is the case do I need to make a claim against Santander and a separate one against Abbey or on the basis that Santander purchased Abbey are they solely responsible for the life of the claim.
  10. hi thanks, i have done that and it just to a blank page to allow me to create spreadsheet or download/upload my own spread sheet
  11. Hi all, can i just ask if it is me being stupid or is there a problem with vampiress spreadsheets as i do not seem able to log in to view these, each time i go to google site is say's you do not have permison to view the file. Anyhelp would be greatfully appreicated
  12. Hi again, so soon, but thanks for the advice from livelylad, yes perhaps as things develop i will post each one separately, as regards busy, i am sure by the end it will work out a good hourly rate for some part time work!!
  13. Hi well this is my first post, but after many months of just reading deatils and having a smile on my face every time i read "case one" i thought to hell with it i am going to make a claim for all the years these credit card company's showed me nothing but discontent. Five years ago lost job and suffered 9 months of bad stress and depression, say no less but cards were not paid(did not even claim on ppi as what not really with it!!), started to come back to reallity and realised i had a debt problem and sort the help of payplan(a clap of hands for these people), struggled for 3 years living on bare minimum( earning £1000.00 paying creditors £750.00), still they would bug for more money, finally last year my wife agreed to a re-mortgage and settled with creditors( by now debt collectors)and although did not recieve letters from all companies confirming "accounts now closed no action" i presumed this was the case!, two weeks ago recieved a demand from lewis group for remainder of debt, advised them i had settled, they advised me no note on acc. So this time no messing about i have sent letters to: Barclaycrad MBNA Goldfish(really helpfull people at Morgan Stanley returned chq and letter advising who i neede to write direct to at lloyds TSB, nothing like passing the but!!) Marbles Capital one No other responses back yet, but still reading the posts on hear on a daily basis and each one just makes you feel that bit stronger, who says the winter months are boring whem you have a site like this with the little man/woman standing up for what is write and getting a response. keep the faith:-)
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