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  1. I thought that Crem! I'm mad that someones done that to my friend, I'd be bl**dy furious if it was done to me. My friend needs his vehicle for his business so the thought of losing it has caused him and his family a lot of stress and worry over the Christmas period, not to mention the inconvenience of making sure the car is locked away all the time. I'd say they were the only victim at the moment. I also thought it may be a pro-active thing to do then if any attempt was made at a repossession the Police would already have a record of the situation.
  2. Hi everyone, sorry for the delay getting back to this thread and thanks so much for all your input. Crem has it right with regard to how things went and I too was of the opinion that ING are at fault here as the car was sold to friend way before the finance deal between ING and the dealer was made. ING's letter to friend makes no secret of the fact that the agreement was made between the dealer and them and even names the dealer as the other party, not my friend. Both the DVLA records and ING confirm that the finance deal was made 2 months after the sale. Since my last post we've got
  3. Hi all, I'm posting on behalf of a friend I'm trying to help so would be grateful for any advice please. Friend purchased a used car from a local dealer in Dec 2009 and his V5 and a HPI check confirms he is the current registereed keeper since 23rd Dec 2009. He paid over 10k for the car in full by cheque which was made out to the dealer in his trading name. Nov 2010 - friend received a letter from ING Direct who are claiming ownership of the vehicle by way of an outstanding finance amount (unknown) made between them and the dealer. ING claim they have termintated their contract
  4. Hi, I'm writing this on behalf of a friend so I don't have all the T&C info until tomorrow but time is of the essence so thought it best to start a thread sooner rather than later in case anyone has any help to offer in the meantime. She booked a flight to Australia for 2 x adults and 1 x child for this coming Xmas with Emirates via Netflights.com. The reason she booked with them in the first place was because she's a single mum and was able to pay just a deposit of £300.00 (by credit card) up front with the full balance becoming due on 1st Oct giving her time to make smaller pay
  5. Hi Gary, thank you very much for the reply. I have to admit that initially my gut instinct was to withdraw the claim but I was just so annoyed with myself for making such a dopey error. From from what you say there are too many ifs and buts attached to continuing with this claim and although £600 is a lot of money I'd hate to end up in court over it and jeopardise losing what I already have..........or possibly more :o Let's face it, just a year ago I never dreamt I could get any of it back so I will be very satisfied with what I have thank you very much......... Anyway,
  6. Hi everyone, I know this is a busy forum and posts move fast but if anyone could please look over the following and let me know if I'm doing things right I'd be very grateful. I've come to the conclusion that I've nothing to lose by pursuing NW for the rest so have composed this letter (with thanks to compositions by both bong and jodyperry) in response to Cobbetts part settlement letter: "Dear Sirs Thank you for your letter and cheque dated xxxx. I will accept the goodwill payment of £xxxx.xx only as part settlement and on the clear understanding that
  7. First of all, apologies for not keeping this thread up to date especially for not replying to your post davidp1948. Anyway, the story so far...... 24th Nov - Completed and filed my AQ. 28th Dec - Notice from Court of allocation to the small claims track with court hearing date set for March. 22nd Jan - Letter from Cobblers with cheque enclosed for almost (see below) the full amount. Letter enclosed stated the usual "no admission of liability.... although confident of a win in court, costs far outway value of claim blah blah". I need to say at this point that my claim includ
  8. Mild panic over! Phoned the court today and they informed me the AQ had been posted yesterday and sure enough it was on the doormat when I got home this evening. :grin:
  9. Hello everyone, I'm just a bit concerned that I haven't received my AQ yet. Cobblers entered a defence on the 27th Oct (27th day), then I received a partial offer from them on the 2nd Nov to which I have replied. Most people seem to have received their AQ with the defence or soon after but 11 days on I've still not yet received anything. Is this normal? Thanks, Minnie
  10. Honestly! Some people have all the luck don't they? Bet I won't be so lucky......... Minnie :grin:
  11. OK, I've just phoned by local county court and was told that the amount they base the court fee on is the total including interest. I am not submitting my claim via MCOL but directly to the court (the limited POC on MCOL was driving me nuts). In my case the amount is just over £5k with interest therefore I'll have to pay the £250.00 court fee. I wonder if, for some reason, it's different submitting to the Local Cort rather than MCOL? Minnie
  12. Hi Caro, I had already looked in the FAQs and came to the conclusion that the claim only needs to be handled differently in the case of a Ltd company and I'm a sole trader. Or have I not understood it properly? Bit of a contradiction on the court fee issue there...... to clarify; the court fee is applied to the claim total before stat 8% and court fees, is that correct? Ta, Minnie
  13. Makes perfect sense younganfree, thanks very much. Mm........ I'll keep the claim in one and just suffer the £250 fee I think, I'll get it back from A&L anyway :grin: .......serves 'em right! Ta, Minnie.
  14. Hello good people, been hanging with the Natwest doooods for a while but thought it was high time I posted my progress, or lack of it, with The Alliance & Fester. I had an account with the Girobank until it was taken over by A&L. As it's a business account the bank is The Alliance & Leicester 'Commercial' Bank. I can't see any differences so far but I wonder if anyone else has any dealings with A&L 'Commercial' Bank and if there are any notable differences I should be aware of. My progress so far: Had all statements since account opened Prelim letter sent req
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