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  1. Basically I am having a few money issues, I have missed 1 or 2 payments of my credit cards When will a CCJ be issued?
  2. i owe 1600 overpayment which HMRC want now. we dont have it. we are emigrating in sept and we will both be out of work end of aug. How do we deal with this?
  3. Thats what i dont understand, if they have figures from our employers anyway, why ask us for it?
  4. Long story short, im waiting to see if i am under investigation.does HMRC ask you to provide further information if it doesnt match theirs? if so, why? surely they have all the tax info they need?? its just we are emigrating and i dont have anything now as it has been shipped.any advice?
  5. Still not heard anything.Am I right in thinking that the longer I am waiting for their letter, the more chance there is that they are investigating me?
  6. Bear with me please.i recently renewed my claim. I gave incorrect figures accidentally but have written since with the correct figures. I believe the figures means that I would have been overpayed 2011-2012, im not sure as the whole thing confuses me. Its been 2 weeks today and I havent had anything from the HMRC. Will I be investigated, and will they send me to jail. Im so scared. Im not sleeping or eating properly with worry. Any mistakes I made have been in human error.I have always made a joint claim even when I split up from my partner as we always got back together eventually so I
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