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  1. Ok Will do thanks for the help. Have you had personal experiance with these scumbags then?
  2. I sent the reply you suggested. I have since had a letter in the post stating I have incurred a further £25 charge and that my membership agreement is legally binding (underlined & bold) , I risk court proceedings, and that I must still honour the terms of my contract even if I have stopped using the service. Should I reply? Continue to ignore? It says I'm currently £62.50 in arrears. Any help greatly appreciated.
  3. Thanks for the welcome and quick reply. I replied to them as you advised. Do I really have anything to worry about?
  4. I have had a similar experiance and was wondering if anybody could help me. I joined SimplyGym in swansea however I wasn't using it and conceeded that i couldnt cancel until my 12 month contract was up.I gave my notice and I paid my last installment (albeit a few days late), and now Harlands are chasing me for administration charges even though my contract is up and i am no longer a member of the gym. I have cancelled my direct debit and sent them an email which is below along with thier reply. Dear sir or madam, Simply Gym in Swansea I refer to our dis
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