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  1. thank you all for the reply's had a e mail off payday uk asking for my bank statement showing my tax credits going in so sent this but removed all my personal details as i have 2 accounts and put money into the other account for bills i did not want them having this account number as i am worried they will take money from there...they have since emailed me saying they want a full statement showing the money going in and where they took the money should i send this???also have a appointment with my bank manager this week so going to speak to him about this fingers crossed he will be more in the
  2. hi had a reply from payday uk asking me to prove that the money that was taken was from benefits and that they would then look into it and maybe refund the money (cant see it) also bank said it was not taken fraudulently as i had signed the agreement for them to take the payment now i am just hoping that payday uk has a heart and does look into this for me...
  3. ok thanks will re read it now..but does it matter now if their agreement is enforceable or not now as they have taken the money and shut my account..sorry to be such a pain am just worried sick now as i have to try and find a lot of money in a few short days..
  4. thank you for the reply i have complained to payday uk but they just kept saying that as i had signed a aggrement they can take as much as they like but the amount they said they took does not add up they said they took £900 when there was only £600 in the account and that my account with them is now cleared but blocked..off to my bank later to see what they will do had a look at the link you gave me but its all about claiming back if you have bought goods nothing to do with loans
  5. hello this is my first time in posting here so i hope i have posted in the right place.. i took out a loan with payday uk and it spirelled out of control,i emailed them asking to set up a payment plan as i could not afford to pay it all in one go,they excepted straight away..the first payment was not taken they told me it failed. i then had a payment go in from tax credit and as my circumstances had changed was due a over payment i didnt know about this untill after the payment went into my account,anyway in the mean time payday took every penny they left me and my 3 children with nothing
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