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  1. Hi , thanks for the reply .* Yeah I decided to ask them to do a point based redundancy . I am thinking i am not going to take voluntary redundancy . I know I am going to be redundant and I am going to loose 500 and I also need to pay back the holidays I have used .* As far I am thinking to say these points as evidence. Please tell me if they are enough . Or if not please tell me what type of evidence I can show . 1. We are 3 members, working under the manager. Three of us do the programming . * *Two of us do programming and one of us do more programming and extra few othe
  2. hi, today I asked my line manager, that I would like to have a word with my boss. And my manager said tell me what u want to talk so that I will tell whether he will agree or not. At last after he forcing me a lot, i said regarding bonus and I want to discuss your few other personal problems. And my line manager said he won't agree with any of your words.he is giving this money 500 for you to just to save time to go for next step. But I will have a word with him before you talk to boss. I and they chatted long time and my line manager said boss will see u later. After that they said boss is
  3. Hi Becky, Thank you so much for the reply. I will ask my boss for few more days time to take my decision. meanwhile I ask about some hike in bonus(which is £500 at the moment). will see what happens. One small question.. can I ask them how they will do the point system between a more experienced person and average experienced person. Because obviously he will gain more poins. if they compare between me and the person who is in the department and not been included in this process will be more relevant. Is it worth asking at this stage do you think? Thank you.
  4. Hi everyone , Hope someone can help me. I am 23 weeks pregnant and i am really frustrated. I am working in a company from last 5 years. I went recently to a long holiday . Before i am going to holiday i know i am pregnant. but i informed them that i am pregnant after coming from holiday, when i was nearly* 20 weeks. Before i went to holiday, they never said anything about redundancy, after coming from holiday and after telling me that I'm pregnant,*within 2 weeks they started an informal meeting, saying.. they got drop in their work, so they need to reduce the cost of employm
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