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  1. Yep, I know about that; I've worked in a similar environment myself, and my boss would always go with the person who questioned the ID, so I am not saying that they should not have done that, but rather, as you said, trying to get them to acknowledge other types of identification which should be legal by law. That is the point I made in my letter to them, because while I don't mind being asked for proof of age, I have a clear problem with people randomly accepting or not accepting my identification which is as valid as anything else they could see. The problem was though that I was unawa
  2. Hi there I have a question on how I should best escalate a complaint I sent to Morrison's for them refusing to accept my ID as a valid proof of identity. I used their online form, but the response I got said absolutely nothing valuable and reiterated what the clerk in the shop said while ignoring all that I had written into the original complaint. Just to clear the situation: I tried to use an European ID card in order to clarify my date of birth, which the sales assistant refused to accept in lieu of it not being within their accepted list of documents. I didn't say anything else t
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