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  1. Thanks but I already know the guide price.
  2. Actually they say they are offering glasses retail guide price. However, this is much less than advertised selling prices.
  3. Thanks everyone but I have been researching for 2 months and have sent a number of adverts to my insurer. They persist in ignoring these saying that their, and the financial ombudsmans, guidelines state that they take e.g. glasses guide as gospel. The policy states they will pay market value not a guide book value and this is why I am taking them to the small claims court.
  4. Thanks but the insurers and the financial ombudsman say that they take a motor trade guide price as the value. I do not agree that this is the market value, hence my proposed course of action.
  5. My car was written off in a no fault claim. My insurers have only offered a guide book value. The policy states that any claim shall be based on the market value at the time and current dealer advertisd prices are much higher than the guide book value. I am thinking off claiming for the difference between the two in the small claims court. I would be interested to hear if anyone has taken this option.
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