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  1. I have a toshiba laptop which I bought at pc world on 28/06/2008. My pc has had many faults including the hardrive malfunctions, and I have sent it to TechGuys to get it repaired. Every time my laptop was send back it always came back with a different type of fault, or the same problem as before. Recently I have send the laptop to TechGuys to get the screen fixed and also replace the hardrive. After 15 days I contacted them in order to check how it was going, they told me the computer was still not ready and that if the computer was not ready within 42 days I could request a voucher. On the 16/07/2012 ( 43 days later) I then proceeded to request a voucher because the 42 days was expired. I called them in order to ask for the voucher and they told me that because the computer was still not ready they were going to send me the voucher for a new one. On the 17/07/2012 (44 days later) I the received a message saying that my laptop was fixed and ready for collection, so I phoned them again and the person who answered the phone call told me to ignore the message about my computer being fixed as it was only fixed after the expiry date. On the same day at 12:40 I received a phone call from TechGuys saying that I had to go and collect my computer as it was ready, and that I could not get the voucher for a new one. So on the 18/07/2012 I called them in order to ask for the voucher, and they told me that my computer was fixed within 43 days were in the expiry it said 42 days. So I asked them for the voucher but they refused to give it to me and told me that the computer was fixed and told me to go pick up. Because they said that the maximum amount of days I had to wait was 42 and I have waited 43, I do not what the computer that I have send it to them in order to get it fixed. Due to the time expiry I would like the voucher instead as every time I get the computer back it is always faulty, however they won't allow me to get the voucher. I feel That the service provided by them is very bad as I have been with them for 4 years and they never managed to get the problems in my laptop fully fixed and also because of this incident now. So I would not recommend TechGuys to anyone else as there service is terrible.
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