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  1. Well I had a TSB cash account ( basic bank account ) which clearly states in t's & C's No overdraft, no charges. I have checked my credit report and the account is still flagged as active and a number of charges have been applied £138 for unpaid dd's. They sold the debt to a DCA who were told to .. as the debt they were collecting didn't exist and was applied illegally. Which they did and handed the debt back to tsb. Now, how do I tackle this, I don't owe tsb a penny ( oh by the way tsb claim the basic cash account is a current account and is subject to charges ( not according to t's & C's ) Do I claim these charges back with compensation as my credit report has monthly defaults recorded for 2:years now or can't I do anything
  2. I am just wondering if I could take them to court for obtaining goods by deception
  3. 14 year old with 91k. Sold it back to them as made more money than scrapping it. No visible leaks or drips on driveway
  4. Sold a car as described which claimant stated had an oil leak. Didn't know it had one as nothing on any mots as advisory and was just mot'd 2 hours before delivery. Claimant lied in court saying I jetwashed the oil off and was asked how much to repair, £13 gasket plus labour they claimed 250 to repair. Judge asked why didn't you repair they replied lost confidence and not rooadworthy so took a loan to buy another car. because of the lie we lost on mis representation. However once all was paid back to them they very quickly bought the car back at a fraction of what it was worth stating they will repair it and use it themselves. Something stinks here I think and sure some kind of fraud has occurred
  5. I know of a dirty crok that has sold a car on inance, welcome finance now know about it and so does the new owner, I hope that she gets a visit from the police, the book thrown at her and is ordered to pay the loan back to welcome
  6. will the new owner of the vehicle have it taken away from them, as its a young female with 2 small kiddies. Unfair really as she bought the car in good faith
  7. the balance owed to welcome is well over £2000 and she hasnt the clout to act dumb.
  8. I know a person that had a car on HP from Welcome Finance, She stopped making payments nearly 2 years ago. She has without informing Welcome Finance sold the car on. Welcome have the car earmarked for reposession and the new owner has just found out that they have been sold a "stolen" vehicle is there anything that can be done, or will she expect a call from the local police and be charged with theft any suggestions?
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