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  1. Couldn't agree more ! Amazed how they have not gone this route with their technology, but there again they don't have to as they dominate the railway links from north west to London so they don't have to consider investing in the customer experience ROCKSTAR OR CROOKSTAR ? The latter in my opinion
  2. Agree with your telephone point entirely I know I am fighting a lost cause, however I find the way that train companies can manipulate consumers is immoral and they need to become more focused on customer rather than coffer The unfortunate bit is that I can't let my wallet do the talking as there are no other train companies to choose from, which basically means they can do whatever they want. ROCKSTAR my ar*e!!
  3. appreciate your comments,however my quarrel as you put it, is not with RM. My point is that Virgin have no facility to reprint tickets that have been lost. By this i mean advance tickets with clear reservation of seats and not open tickets. Why should the customer have to pay twice and then have to chase the likes of RM for compensation that will take ages and loads of form filling to achieve. Virgin know that the lost tickets will not be used so they are in effect taking the money twice.
  4. Just spent the last hour speaking to 3 people in India regarding repalcing lost tickets for a train journey booked in 5 days time.... Virgin have a policy that they will not replace a ticket if u have lost one after it has been printed and delivered. However if they lose the ticket during the delivery process they will!! Their reason: that the ticket has a monetary value to them and that to re-issue a duplicate ticket, they get charged again for the same value. If they have lost the ticket in transit, they have an agreement with RM to reimburse the cost of the original tickets. If you or I lose a ticket, a new one has to be purchased. Now in some ways this is not unreasonable if the ticket was for a train journey on an open ticket that could be used anytime and by anyone, although logic states that tickets lost by Virgin in transit could also be used (if stolen) without anyone knowing. Where this becomes unreasonable is when the tickets are for advanced bookings with reserved seats. In this case they still will not budge on policy. Surely only a stupid thief or chancer finding a lost ticket with reserved seating would try to travel knowing that the original purchaser would also turn up with the same ticket reservations. The RM have lost my tickets that i sent to my son to get hom home from Uni for xmas and that are reserved seating in 1st class. Virgin reckon that they cannot offer replacement because i lost them after they had delivered them, (albeit via a ticket machine that i had to travel to, to get them). RM have admitted they do not know where the tickets have gone and now Virgin expect me to follow this up with them for the compensation of having to buy another ticket. Great for Virgin selling the seat twice!! My debate centered around that they should allow the fact that they provide a confirmation mail and ticket reference, train time, seat numbers etc as proof of purchase and therefore i should be allowed to travel using this, but Virgin say that National Rail wont allow this!! Yet they provide Mobitickets that do just that... They are taking my money knowing that these seats will not be used (other than the usual chancers that spot an empty reserved seat between stations) when they should have more efficient ways of dealing with lost tickets. Any other form of transport would allow you to reprint tickets!! Surely this policy is illegal and subject to consumer rights invetigation. ?
  5. WELL DONE VODAFONE Lee at Vodafone totally understood the issue and was extremely helpful in handling my case and frustrations with the promise to resolve the repair of my sons Phone. Within 48 hours Lee had confirmed that after checking with the Vodafone Service centre that the phone was beyond economical repair, they would provide a nearly new replacement. Whilst it is not a new phone this to me was an acceptable compromise and a reasonable offer to accept. As it turned out, due to a couple of delivery issues, they sent an Iphone 4s to replace the original Iphone4. This web team should be the first port of call for all Vodafone customers in my opinion. Thanks lee and thanks Vodafone. My other 3 phones stay with you and you presently have a very happy customer.
  6. Hi I am not sure what your post implies? If me the "OP" (no idea what this stands for) demands a new phone, then i am well within my rights as Vodafone agreed to repair the phone free of charge. If this turns out to be cheaper for them to replace it with a new one then so be it!! If you were supporting Vodafone's stance then i would suggest that you read up on consumer law.! I have good news which i will share in a seperate post
  7. My son dropped his 8 month old iphone 4 getting out of the car and then proceeded to tread on it, breaking the outer glass casing on both sides. I contacted vodafone customer services who said that this would be repaired under warranty. I had the chat email sent to me and this proved important for the next part of the story. I was advised to go to a local Vodafone store to have the phone repaired. When i arrived i was informed that the phone could not be repaiered free of charge as this type of damage was not covered under the manufacturers warranty and advised to contact the customer service team again. Upon contacting the CS team i argued that their employee had stated that the phone would be repaired FOC and after some debate and several escalations, Vodafone agreed to repair the phone FOC. To do this i would need to take the phone back to the store and explain that it was a chargable repair and when the phone was returned, the charges would be applied to my account and Vodafone would credit any charges. This was achieved and the phone was sent off to their repair centre. Ten days later a text was sent to say that the phone was ready to collect from the store When i collected the phone it had not been repaired and a letter from the repair centre signed by Stefan LangKamp, Customer Operations Director, was wrapped around the phone. The first paragraph stated " One of our engineers has found the fault to be caused by physical damage to the phone. This type of damage, even if caused accidently, falls outside of the manufacturers warranty and manufacturers guidelines say we cannot carry out a repair in circumstances like this." The rest of the letter was standard stuff around what the warranty did cover and wierdly an attached page with a picture of the phone showing the damage was supplied!! The store advised the return to CS and query the reasons as the notes on their system stated that the phone was beyond economical repair!! So began a 45 minute call to Vodafone CS being passed around like a football (not england of course) and even being cut off once!! They basically are saying that as the phone is beyond economic repair (BER) it would need to be replaced and that therefore i would have to buy a new phone!! They even insulted me with a £15 gesture for the inconvenience My point and the one that i will take up again with the Vodafone manager that i have to wait 48 hours for a booked return call from, is that Vodafone have agreed to repair the phone free of charge. The letter received does not state that the phone was BER it just states warranty & guidelines details. Therefore the phone in my opinion is repairable however in Vodafones opinion does not fall withing their "repair cost" guidelines/policy. In my opinion Vodafone should be honouring thier commitment to repair the phone, no matter what the cost economically or otherwise? I have 3 phones with them at the moment 2 under contract and 1 free to move, it would cost me £1200 to move the other two which would be an expensive point to make! I would rather take them to the small claims court which is where i will definitely go, however i am looking first for similar experiences and advice before i follow this through! Can anyone help? Cheers
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