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  1. So, from the ansers already given it seems that none of you know the answer. There is no such amount payable as 0.9p so why is allowed to be displayed as a retail price?
  2. Pumps MUST be spot on and are regularly checked by trading standards weights/measures. A litre must be a litre, not 990cl. There is no legal minimum AFAIK, but all pumps I have seen demand minumum delivery is 2 litres. So, I MUST buy 2 litres which is 259.8p. So, how exactly do I do that?
  3. This may seem daft, but how much would I be charged if I decided to buy EXACTLY 1 litre of petrol if the price displayed is 129.9p per litre? My point is why the 0.9p? They used to charge 1/2p years ago but the difference is there actually was a 1/2p coin then. When did it become 0.9p and WHY????? Yes, a bit of a rant but I am curious to know why they are allowed to display an amount it is impossible to actually pay. I cannot ever pay 0.9p so why charge it? Would I be expected to swallow the loss and pay 130p? Would they let me off the 0.9p and charge me 129p? If so, i could fill my car at 1 litre increments and save 0.9p every single litre! So, anyone? Oh. hello by the way. my first post and hopefully not my last.
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