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  1. Hi Yes it was very simple to reduce the order and the staff were so nice about this. No isses at all and just waiting on my greatly reduced first monthly installment ot come out of my aco**** followed by the greatly anticiapted "collection" piece! Can't wait and must add Venture were great with me!
  2. ***UPDATE*** okay - got a call back a few times yesterday from the studio to arrange suitable dates for a visit and I'm now going in tomorrow to offically reduce the order down. I'll let you all know if this is as starighforward as I'm assuming.....
  3. Oh I know it still an awful lot of money to me as well but I think I'm on a high that I've managed to reduce it from £3385 to £1400. I can handle that(Just about) Just need to make sure i get a call back now!!! I'm with you the course...man alive - whoever owns Venture must be worth a mint:shock: I'll post the update ASAP and thanks to everyone - this has been an amazing forum - very supportive to me in a time where i just needed someone to talk to and who'll give me advice. Feel so much better.
  4. UPDATE well i just heard back from them - they were so helpful. after reading what i had on other forums I was expecting the worse! They are willing to take it back to just one photo (with 7 shots) at a much more managable £1400 I know that still seems high to some folk but I'm VERY happy with this. Just waiting on a call back to confirm however.....I'll post when the ink is dry, as it were!!
  5. ok - well i keep getting the answering machine!!! In Glasgow today its a holiday Monday but so liitle companies adhere to this that I just assumed they'd be opened. I would call another office but its pointless - all the paperwork originated from Glasgow only yesterday and I doubt anything can be done from another branch (I've heard they are like a franchise operation) I'll keep trying them!
  6. I'm doing it now freakyleaky!!! I'll post their response *heart thumping*
  7. Hi Rebel11, This is thing I scoured their site and cannot find one T&C that relevant to this. They have T&Cs but it seems to relate to something called a £200 voucher...... I've set up a payment plan with Hitachi so no money down and Hitachi state they have a 14 day colling off period. Can i do anything with that?
  8. I know!!! Can i claim temp insanity????? I was so blown away with everything that by the time money came up (at the end of the session) I was hooked. Thats not all. Today I just found out that my fiance's work contract (a 5 year one) was cancelled!! I feel like crying. I didn't actually order that much (4 of the 10 x 10 shots and a large framed one contatcing 7 images). i shoud have ran out but I thought with my fiance having the new contract everything would be fine. how wrong was I?? I know i signed a lot of stuff...i have a signed order form and it states "once signed this order is binding
  9. I got a £20 voucher that was worth £145 via Hamleys store for a photo shot of me, my fiance and my 16 mo daughter. The photoshot was lovely! I went back myself to view and ended ordering £3385 worth of prints!! Feel sick and have emailed then asking if it is possible to reduce order as I only ordered yesterday. I know hitachi offer a 14 day cooling off period and I was hoping that as my order was only placed yesterday (Sunday) afternoon that possibly I could work something out with them. Cna anyone let me know if they've had similar experiences and what the outcome was....good or bad!!! If my
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