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  1. Halifax have now removed the £942. In response to my fee request refund, they have sent me a cheque for £75 and told me to complain to the FOS if I'm not happy with that.
  2. The repayment of arrears can be agreed over a "reasonable" period. The court will decide what is reasonable.
  3. Just checked my mortage account today and Halifax have added £942 for legal fees. I have queried this and feel that it is very unfair. I am still awaiting the written judgement form the court. Another problem for me to resolve?
  4. Dissolving companies may not disbar you from acting as a debt councillor. There may have been valid reasons for dissolution.
  5. Been back in court today. The possession order was set aside generally. I asked the judge not to let the Halifax put charges onto my account, as I felt that the case was not necessary and any litigation was not required. The solicitor for Halifax asked the judge not to make a statement as to costs. The judge then told the solicitor that if he did not make a statement then charges would be applied to my mortgage account. The judge ordered that the Halifax could only put charges for the court costs onto my account if they made an application to the court. I shall post the exact wording when I get the order from the court. Fantastic result for me and I thank everyone on this forum for assisting me to get to this position. Next to chase them for are bank charges and failure to comply with Data protection act, but I'm had enough of the Halifax for the time being. I re-iterate, many, many thanks.
  6. Been back in court today, the Judge stated that he "tended to side with me" then adjourned the case for 21 days. This was to allow the Halifax a chance to put a clearer position!
  7. Ready to go to court on Tuesday 7th, sent my information to Walker Morris. Sent Non compliance letter Sent unfair charges letter Only part I am unsure about is getting the judge to order the charges not to be added to my mortgage. Should I add a sentence similiar to " As the proceedings were not necessary, may it be ordered that no costs are added to the mortgage" Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi, I am certainly am no expert, but have Mortages Plc already got a suspended possession order from 2008? Did you take your mortage out prior to 1995 (i think)? Have Mortgages plc put you back on a repayment mortgage and what are the arrears on the mortgage. How long is left on the mortgage. These questions may help someone much more knowledgable than me.
  9. Well done Colly, Happy Christmas. Nice timing to finish off the year.
  10. Went through the SAR details that the Halifax have sent me. This is quite a big bunch of paperwork, it was sent by DHL and must be at least 600 to 700 hundred pages. I requested this in March 2013 and received this about September 2013. I requested my SAR in about March but they lost my letter, etc, etc. Having finally got round to have a look at this, I have noticed that they not sent the full information. They have only sent the first page of each letter that they have sent to me. ie. if they sent a copy of letter saying page 1 of 5 they have only sent page 1. How do I go about complaining about this? I was going to try to reclaim my mortgage charges by letter and show this to the judge prior to going to court on 7th Jan 2014, but with incomplete information I find that ascertaining the true charge is very difficult. Any advice would be helpful.
  11. Nice to hear that you will have something to look forward to in the New Year. Good luck for the future.
  12. Seems like Satander / Eversheds are acting like tos**rs. Hope everything works out for you.
  13. Has tony216 posted the same post on every parking thread? has he worked everywhere? I think not.
  14. Hi, I have had 3 x £35 arrears management fees and 1 x £135 arrears letter fee. Can I get these back?
  15. Received a letter from the court today, with a new court date of 7th Jan 2014. The judgements states :- 1. The Defendant's application to set aside the possession order aside be adjourned to 7th Jan, with an estimated time of 15 mins. 2. Both parties shall send to each other details of their position at least 3 days before the hearing and bring that information to the hearing. 3. Claimant not to enforce possession in the interim. My question is, should I write first to the Halifax bank or wait for them to write to me. By the time the Jan court date comes around, I will have paid a further 3 months mortgage payments and can show this to the court. Obviously, I would like to get this sorted out with the bank before we go back to court, as I'm sure that my mortgage account will get stung with a load of their legal fees. Thanks in advance.
  16. At the hearing today, the young girl from Walker Morris approached me prior to seeing the judge. She had calculations on her papers and was willing to settle for contractual monthly payment plus £39 per month. I stated that Norgan rule did not apply. We could not meet agreement. In front of the judge she explained her case and I explained mine. I stated that if I continue to pay the cmp for the term of the mortgage then it shall be settled at the end of the period. The judge asked how I was going to settle the arrears, and I stated that the arrears were included in the outstanding balance. No conclusion was reached and the case was adjourned for 28 days, during which time no possession can be made.
  17. Court hearing tomorrow 12/11/2013. I have filed to get judgement set aside. I have completed a budget statement to take to court, don't know if it will be required by the judge. I have hightlighted my bank statements with payments made for the last eight months. I don't know if need to take anything else to court but will try to arrive in good time.
  18. The council did send me a letter regarding the liability order, I ignored it, naively. The bailiff has charge £24.50 for the visit, I think. Rang the bailiff and paid £200 & he was happy if I paid the balance next week. No levy has been put on my car.
  19. Went to cab today and they transferred me to Fusion housing to give me advice. They photocopied my documents and told me they would get in contact. thanks for all your help so far.
  20. Many thanks unclebulgaria, Will give the council a ring in the morning, didn't know if I should approach baliff or council first
  21. KMC debt recovery service. KMC must be Kirklees Metro Council I haven't contact them, as the letter must have avirred this afternoon and I only found it at about 7pm.
  22. In 2011/12 I was in receipt of full council tax benefit as I was earning a small income self employed. The same thing applied to 2012/2013 but I couldn't get it through to the council, I rang them many times. I was working away a lot and thought thought everything would work itself out. They council took me to court, and everytime I phoned the council they said that someone was dealing with my benefit claim and everything would be ok. Subsquently I got a liability order sent to me from the court. I sent off the accompanying form stating that I was on a low income being self employed. I never got any response to this and the next I thing I know is a visit from the baliff.
  23. Hi, Whilst I was out this afternoon, I had a visit from a baliff the left me a letter. Arrears of council tax £397 In accordance with the law, your possesssions will be seized if payment is not made within 5 days. I am asked to contact the baliff directly. I have an old car in my drive which has no tax or mot and wouldn't want the baliff to take this away when I am out. I haven't the funds to pay the baliff in full and any advice would be greatfully accepted.
  24. Rang the court today to see what was happening with my n244. They have set a new hearing date for the 12th November. I presume that the bank cannot do anything untill after this date?
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