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  1. Ok thanks for the advice. The only thing I'm worried about is if I do contact them to explain my situation they tell me to pay it off before I leave, which I really can't afford to do so untill I have a stable job back in my home country. As long as I tell them that I am willing to pay it off, they won't give me any problems right?
  2. Hi My circumstance have changed for the worst and I have a lot of debts to pay back. I am planning to go back to my home country in order to find a job so I will be able to pay them back. I have an overpayment I need to pay back and overdue payments for a storage unit. I'm planning to let them know I'm going back. My question is this: Would I be flagged at passport control for my storage unit debt? I know that I won't for the overpayment as I contacted them. What exactly does passport control check? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards Zazelle
  3. Oh, totally forgot about this thread. It's been 7 months and they haven't done anything. No letters, no reminders, no bugging. no calls. I guess they just dropped it and didn't bother. Still in negative but I don't care, I'm not gonna use paypal anyway.
  4. Did they confirm receipt by writing? It's always better to have it in writing. Renegade is right, DCA's can't hurt you if you know what to do, there's no Credit Agreement so they can't force you to pay for something that you don't owe, they can't take you to court because they'll lose, and badly. On my end, no new letters and reminders.
  5. Ever since I send that letter, I've not recieved any calls or letters from Paypal and Iqor. If you have given Paypal the crime reference number, make sure you get a confirmation in writing, so that if they do sent it to a dca, you can prove to them that Paypal recieved it and they wont do anythinh. Just follow the advice on here and you shouldnt get in trouble. I havent been on.my Paypal account ever since then so I dony know if they refunded it or not.
  6. So I'll get it on the 2nd then, by looking at the BACS calendar?
  7. Hi just thought I'll update you all. I did what you advised and sent them this letter: Dear Sir/Madam Re:− Reference Number ######### This is to inform you that I dispute your letter of 20 February 2013 as I have been a victim of Fraud. I have reported this to the police and have been given the following Crime Reference Number:################. This number has also been given to Paypal. Please find attached the confirmation e-mail that the Crime Reference Number has been received by Paypal. Looking forward to hearing from you Yours sincerely, Mr Zazelle Ever since then, I have not heard from them, so I'm guessing they have dropped the case. I'd like to thank just_jue and assisted blonde for the help of sorting this out.
  8. Oh ok, I thought it might be something like that. Thanks! Will wait until then.
  9. Hi, This is probably a stupid question, but my next Housing Benefit Payment is due today and I've not recieved it. Now I know it's a bank holiday and that they are new changes in the benefits (I got the letter for it, I get a bit less than I previously got, but nothing much). My question is: will I get it today or another day? Should I contact my LA an ask? Thanks in advance
  10. Ok Thanks, will do that first thing tomorrow. What's a good template for it?
  11. Hi, I've just recieved a letter from Iqor. I find it very annoying that they transferred it to them as I have given them my Crime Reference Number so they shouldn't have transferred it. Do I send them a letter stating that I have been victim of fraud and have given PayPl the Crime Reference Number?
  12. Hi, I got a missed call today at 16.24 from PayPal Collections. What gives???? I gave them my Crime Reference Number. Should I just tell them that net time they call?
  13. Success! Got this e-mail! (was tired of waiting for a proper email response so called them) Dear , Thank you for contacting PayPal regarding your crime reference number. I can confirm that we have received your crime reference number: ############### I understand your frustration regarding this matter and regret any inconvenience this might have caused. Yours sincerely, Nicola PayPal Hope now they're gonna back off a bit. I'll let you know what happens.
  14. Ok, I'm confused now.... This is the reply I got: Dear ########, Thank you for contacting PayPal. We are still reviewing your account and appreciate your patience during this time. Once the review is complete, you’ll receive an email with an updated account status. Regarding case PP-###-###-###-### Please let us know if you require any further assistance. Yours sincerely, Elizabeth PayPal Does that mean they have reopened my case????
  15. OK done. Will let you know what they say. It's really stupid though, why would they do that? Even though I gave them evidence they still sided with the [problem]mer, that's really unfair....and I'm actually really scared they are gonna say something like "we can't accept the Crime Reference Number"...
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