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  1. hi rebel11 the solicitor sent me copies which include snapshots of my ebay account with products being sold and feedback received from buyers. they have provided me with their clients information such as address, copyright item number etc.
  2. hi bang! i had the ebay account name changed to my name and address and i believe they got this information and contacted me later so i think they got my details from the ebay account. the solictitors are acting on behalf of cath kidston. i don't know if they purchased the product from the ebay account or someone reported to cath kidston about the lsiting so i'm not entirely sure how they got the information. or they could have been randomly checking ebay for counterfeit items. I just spoke to a friend of mine today who is not a qualified solicitor but has experience in dealing w
  3. At the time of selling these items the ebay account was not in my name and was in a close friends name but i was partially in control of the account. I am willing to pay a small amount but they are asking for £2,000 just for legal cost for sending out 2 letters. not only this they are asking for all profits I made.
  4. hi what topics are you interested to discuss about this brand
  5. i purchased the items from a stall and realized they are counterfeit after receiving complains from buyers and eBay removing my listing. they are asking for legal cost NOW £2,000 and asking me to pay all the profit i made from the listings on eBay. I told them that I would pay partial money for the profits i made as I returned the item the the person I purchased them from at a very low price almost going in to loss.
  6. hi everyone, i have an problem and hoping to find a solution here. I sold some items on ebay and the listing was removed by the company through ebay VERO. i contacted the company who removed the listing and they told me i can't sell that item as they say its counterfeit. I received a letter from pb legal solicitors after a few months asking for £550 legal cost and all the profit i made by selling these items. I know someone already discussed a similar issue with the same solicitors in 2010/2011 but I don't know if that person paid the solici
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