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  1. Having been given the opportunity of employment I have had the rug pulled from underneath my feet due to having an endorsement on my license which is due to expire in 5 months. The company i have the opportunity of employment with I worked for before and they put me through my class 2. My license has been clean for 5 months short of 11 years but the endorsement is still standing in my way of what I love doing - driving lorries. I wrote to the DVLA and explained the situation and asked if they could remove said endorsement off of the counter part of my license but keep the endorsement on file. I recieved a letter 3 weeks later from the DVLA stating that the law is the law and they can't help me. They said: "Unfortunately the Law states that these endorsemets have to remain on the driving licence until they have time expired. If after 05/11/2012 you want expired endorsements removed from your licence then please apply by completing the enclosed application form (D1) and return it together with your licence and correct fee." I understand that the endorsement is my fault but surely letting it stand in my way for 10 and a half years should not have an impact on me getting a HGV class 2 driving job. The Government wants to get people back to work and I am trying to do so yet have hit a brick wall. I think that DVLA should judge different cases on different merits.
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