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  1. what actions can the council take? they have told my wife they can inform our employer and take money direct from pay. I believe they can only do this with a court order and as a last resort.
  2. my own car has been dealt with. the other is on finance so they should be ok. we live in a rented house, so in essence, other than my telly, there doesn't seem to be much going for the bailiffs trying to sell my stuff! the 70 letters goes back to since before the claim started and are details of what we are entitled to and then latterly (the last year) saying we weren't entitled after all. This despite the fact hat at the end of every tax year I sent them copies of my personal accounts and each year they sent me extra money because I had deliberately underestimated my income, on the basis
  3. I'm thinking about my MP as well, he was surprisingly useful when we had problems with my wife's visa (she's from outside the EU) and saved us an awful lot of trouble and expense. Never thought I would say a good thing about an MP, but he was bloody good!!
  4. I actually think the officer concerned has started to take it personally. They sent me a letter asking me for a full sent of accounts and proof that I was a director, of my Army regiment!! I then rang up and spoke to an extraordinarily obstructive and useless individual. This was on top of the over 70 letters they had sent over a three year period, most of which contradicted each other and most of which were largely unitelligeable, so the next time I wrote in to the chief, I told him his department was a shambles and a disgrace. That was when the trouble started!
  5. can they take the kids toys? random question I know, but it's one of the things that really bothers me. I can stand losing my stuff, but seeing the kids as their toys are taken away will be pretty upsetting
  6. Thanks for the quick responses as above, my wife happened to ring the council to find out why we had heard nothing. She was given another number to ring, which she did, and it turned out that was the Bailiffs. That's the first we had heard of it going to them. We have received nothing from them in writing. I have a day off tuesday so will ring them and one of the things I will be asking for is a written breakdown of the costs because at the moment the amount doesn't even add up to being the same as anything we are aware of. Are there any other pertinent questions I should be as
  7. I put it in the other forum because the original problem was with council tax. I am just astonished and appalled that a council can behave like this and not even tell you. The last I heard they told me the matter was on hold until they had looked into our benefits case. To use a well worn phrase, it's like living in a police state, I just can't believe a Government body can be allowed to do this to people and not even tell them. I at least expected it to go to court and have my chance to put my argument forward. As it is their seems to be no recourse,
  8. I've got a car that is on HP, so I don't think they can have that, and then a bit of an old classic that I will be 'selling' to my dad and will go to their house. The Bailiffs haven't actually called at all, my wife called them after ringing the council to see what was happening with our case. We have had no notification from the council this was going to happen and nothing from the bailiffs. I would doubt we're classed as vulnerable
  9. So, got home this evening to be told by my wife the council have instructed Bailiffs for unpaid council tax. The background to this is we were claiming housing and council tax benefit from 2010-2013. The council decided we weren't entitled to what they had paid us for the period 2011-13 last year, even though we supplied them with evidence of income each year we claimed and they approved our claim. So, they demanded £25k from us in unpaid council tax and benefits paid. This is in dispute, we were on our arses and entitled IMHO and I sent them over 100 pages of evid
  10. that argument is utter rubbish. In the middle lane you have, on a three lane road, just one lane spare before you hit the central reservation and 2 before you go up the left hand verge (namely, the hard shoulder, which rarely has a barrier) IN the inside lane, you have 2 lanes before hit the central reservation, and still one (the hard shoulder) before you go up the verge, which also often has a decent run off area and no barrier, and vehicles travelling at speed on the other side of it! You could, of course try maintaining your vehicle properly and don't bang the cerbs, then you reduce y
  11. I'm very sorry to hear about your loss and the circumstances behind it. Obviously I don't know the details behind what happened so can't comment on the specifics, but I am sorry. I'm not saying the NHS is a perfect organisation that gets it right everytime. There are a number of challenges the NHS faces today if it is to continue to provide the (generally) excellent service it currently provides. At a grass roots level the ones that immediately spring to mind are nurse training and staffing levels. I have been in healthcare for 24 years now and have seen enormous improvements in that
  12. agree with both the sentiments above. Even seen people come down the slip road at 50mph to join a 4 lane motorway with light traffic and sail straight out to lane 3! driving safely and driving slowly are not the same thing!!
  13. open visiting was stopped in the UK because it is detrimental to patient care, privacy and dignity. Patients on wards are better observed by the staff so it is safer. personally I would hate to be stuck in a room with one other who I don't know. relatives are encouraged to stay in some countries so they can take care of routine tasks that in the UK would be undertaken by professional staff. I have repatriated holidaymakers from spain and the medical standards are significantly below those in the UK
  14. its due in o the 28th, I sent it today by special delivery. all a bit last minute dot com!! I delivered the court copies by hand today
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