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  1. The personal Injury part is going to have to wait, my friend doesnt have the ability to tae this further until his finances inprove. What I would like to do is help him in highlighting this issue and mounting some sort of consumer campaign against the pier? They Keep rejecting all my correspondence to their business direct, so I wanted to reach out to their 4.4million visitors. I do want yo organize a protest also. Thanks, Daniel
  2. A friend of mine last year had an accident on a well known pier, through no fault of his own he slipped on a puddle on the floor and severly injured himself, anyway cutting a long story short, he was off work for 4 months and during a meeting set up by this pier he was assulted by a security officer. They then proceeded to fabricate a lie that he was rasist toward the security officer who assulted him, all whilst he was still in recovery for the accident. He was taken to court and won with all 12 Jury delivering a not guilty verdict in just 15 minutes. He has now been advised to proc
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