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  1. Hi, I wrote again to FCE bank requesting full SAR and enclosing payment, their letter reads as follows :- We are unable to loacate any reocrd of a finance agreement with the information you have provided. Please therefore find enclosed your request along with your cheque paymnet. Should you be able to supply an alternative accoutn number or vehicle registartion number which will enable us to locate an agreement we will be happy to supply the information that you have requested. The information will be sent following receipt of another reuqest, fee payment and signed customer authority.
  2. Hi, Letter said as they were not present during the transaction they cannot validate what took place and referred me back to dealership. This was the full £10 disclosure letter I sent and that was their response with return of cheque - is thsi allowed? Hippo
  3. Hi can anyone help? Requested SAR information from Ford they refered back to the Ford dealership who do not answer letters, and when I call - hang up! I have no paperwork but took out the finance in April 2005 - repaid 2008 and had PPI added without my knowledge. Where do I do from here? Experian shows loan with FCE Bank but not he account details.
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