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  1. Long story cut short, had a minor accident (a bump), 3rd party's fault (no evidence of this but there is evidence that he has lied in his statement, I rang the police, the minor damage on my car coincides with his story of the position of his car to mine etc etc etc so many lies!). They claimed against my insurance and SOMEHOW won.....£7,000!!!!!!!!!!! I am outraged. I am 20 (19 at the time), I have never done a thing wrong, I have worked since I was 9, studied hard at school, college and now university, I volunteer in the community. I had a subaru at the time and ws the proudest of it! I saved for years for that car and now cant afford it and am so down that i drive a "normal" car (I'm crying now) and have been knocked back because it really has hurt me!! I am fighting the claim, have contested to my insurance company and now to the financial ombudsman. What I want to know: Is it possible/has it happened in the past, that you can "get your NCB back/have the accident (on your record) removed?". Because if Im really going to fight against this, the above needs to be the outcome! Thanks everyone. Abbey
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