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  1. Long story short: Bought a motor policy from a NU call centre in India - had it not been the cheapest would never have bothered as the telephone experience was painful. Had eight years NCD at the time (with AA). Last Autumn Mrs Ladles scratched the offside in a car park and I called NU for advice. Was told that we could have 2 'no fault claims' in a five year period so no probs. Booked the car in for repair there and then, all done on the telephone. Currently going to renew the policy and have been told that we only have three years NCD (not nine) - this is 'because we have had a fault claim and have therefore lost 2 years of our NCD and when we took the policy out NU only give a maximum of five years NCD. We have been given two pieces of bad advice - firstly the call centre should have offered us a protected no claims bonus when we bought the policy (I wasn't even aware of such a thing until this month) as we had accumulated so many years. This is an issue but not the salient point. Secondly - I realise that if I had read the policy from cover to cover I would have realised that we would have sacrificed a huge amount of NCD, but surely the whole process of having a call centre is geared towards providing accurate advice for matters of this nature and as a customer surely I have a right to expect to be given correct advice. Because the call handler couldn't be bothered to check our policy when handling the claim we were given the wrong advice and whoever we choose to insure with now will only provide 3 years no claims discount. I have tried to raise the issue with NU and havbe been pushed from department to department in a process which seems deliberately tailored to try to make people simply give up. I have been informed by a junior complaint handler that they will look into the matter and listen to the recording of the telephone call but regardless of their findings will not change their desicion to reinstate my NCD. I WANT TO ESCALATE THIS ISSUE AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL WITH NU AND THE OMBUDSMAN, DOES ANYONE KNOW SOMEBODY I CAN CONTACT WITHIN NU WHO WILL TAKE OWNERSHIP OF THIS ISSUE WITHOUT HAVING TO FOLLOW A CUMBERSOME COMPLAINTS PROCESS WHICH IS DESTINED TO REACH A DEAD END?
  2. Can you believe the saucy g!ts at RBS!!!! Having cashed my S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) request cheque for £10 they have now taken £5 from my account as a 'historic statement fee' as well. Surely they can't charge me twice, I thought £10 was the maximum they could charge for providing this data.
  3. hi Folks, just to keep you updated HSBC sent through all statements finally and approx £1,800 is due. I sent the prelim request last week so now time to sit back and wait for the response. I am also pursuing RBS and Barclays and have noticed that even as recently as 6 years ago a 'par' charge level was around £5-10 pounds. But, as the banks have got away with gradually increasing their charges over the years so they have become more and more greedy as they realised nobody could stand up to challenge them and they acne riddled high street clerks could hide behind the "terms and conditions of your account sir, we did write to inform you". More power to CAG - keep up the good work folks. End of rant (sorry, needed to get it off my chest)
  4. Thanks TC & Sparkie, Prelim Req has been sent so I will keep you updated on their response. For what it's worth, the arrogant attitude of RBS towards me as a customer over the last few years has galvanised my resolve and I am prepared to fight tooth and nail for what is due to me. RBS have been getting away with it for too long now.
  5. Having now received copy statements back I have now calculated that RBS owe me in the region of £2,200, HOWEVER....about last June I had a dispute with them over £90 worth of fees taken from my account and they would only refund me the £90 if I signed a form saying it was 'full and final settlement' for all fees charged by them. At the time I urgently needed that money so they had me over a barrel. Will this hinder my claim or even bring it to an immediate halt??? I am sending off the first claim letter today asking for the money back but will this document I signed last June come back to haunt me? Will still send off prelim request but wondered how this would affect things.
  6. Hi Claire, Thanks for the prompt reply, much appreciated. Will keep you all posted on how this plays out. Keep up the good work on the site folks, this forum is great and a fantastic resource for people like me seeking information when the banks are trying to use bully boy tactics to scare us off.
  7. Hi All, I have started the process and written to HSBC requesting details of charges for the last 6 years and they responded with a letter saying they will send copy statements (all pretty standard). However all I have received to date are statements from Oct - Nov 2004 and July - Aug 2005. The 40 day period does not expire until later this month but I was wondering if anyone else has experienced HSBC sending through information in this way (dribs and drabs) as it seems strange and could possibly be a stalling tactic? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi all, Finally plucked up the courage to write to Barclays and ask for details of all charges dating back to 1999. They have written back to me and said that they will provide copy statements free of charge but are not obliged to provide data from 1999-2000 as all the information is stored manually on microfiche. This period was a particularly rocky period for me financially (not helped by exhorbitant bank charges) and I am keen to include charges from this period in any claim. Having studied a lot of the postings on other areas of the forum where others have experienced the same problem I have composed a letter to reply to Barclays and will be sending it tomorrow. I will keep you all posted as I am going to see this process through to the death. A big thank you to all the mods and contributors to this site and any help or words of advice will be most welcome.
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