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  1. Hi thanks for responses. I phoned them again today informing them that I am recording the call . They have assured me money will be transferred into my account by the end of the day. I certainly won't be holding my breath and will go with what you have suggested thanks for input
  2. I have emailed them on several occasions but just got ignored . Do you think they are just agreeing to the email and not intending on paying out ? Anyone had this from them ?
  3. I was charged interest and a penalty charge from payday express on my loan of 200. My loan was paid 7 days late due to natwest technical issues I informed payday express by a phone call and a email. I was told I had the 7 days to pay. However payday express took 200 for loan 15 penalty charge and another 40 interest. I contacted them and was told I'd get a refund for the 55 by midnight last night. Money was never credited . So I phoned them again today spoke to same guy as he kindly gave me his full name he apologised and again said I would definately get the 55 refund by midnight tonight . I
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