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  1. Hi all, A final update. They have upheld my complaint, and I also received an apology from the CEO's office. They have also said they will be resubmitting the chargeback, however, whatever happens my refund will remain in place this time regardless of the outcome. Thanks and good luck to everyone else trying to get their money back from these thieving &*(£^&*£%
  2. Hi dx, Thanks for the reply. Basically they have said they have provided documents showing that I applied through them as a broker, which I didnt. I did get a payday loan (unrelated to the place in question) but unsure if my details have been passed on to this other place. Regardless of which I never gave them permission to take a "brokers" fee!!! The supposed "evidence" is littered with errors, like time in residence, time in employment, salary, etc etc. Also the follow on document doesnt even have my name, and the terms and conditions boxes are not even ticked.
  3. Hi all, Not sure if this is the right section, but I need some advice. My card was recently debited by a place calling itself QuidFinder. When I disputed this with the bank, [HSBC] they immediately refunded the money, and said they would investigate. Some time later, they claim they have been in contact with this place, and accept that the charge is correct and that the refund will now be reversed! I am spitting feathers!!! Any advice as to what I can do about it? Thanks.
  4. Just wanted to add a quick update. I've received a letter of apology from Crapbot, and a reassurance that this matter is now settled and that they affirm that neither themselves or any of their agents will be contacting me again.
  5. Hi Lee, having looked more closely at the paperwork and cross referencing the details I can now say with 100% certainty that this is one and the same account that you dealt with. There is no need to contact you as I have confirmed this myself already. Thanks anyway. Feel free to follow this up as you see fit.
  6. DonkeyB, I have had a look at the old paperwork and it would seem to be the Vodafone -> Crapbot -> Mucky Hall chain of debt chasing. Apart from the fact that Vodafone's own CAG rep confirmed this as SB, I now have MH's letter stating the same.
  7. DonkeyB I'll be honest and say no idea. I've lost track of who has been chasing what. I'll dig through the paperwork and see if I can work it out.
  8. Thanks guys. Much appreciated. Playing devil's advocate I think what they meant to say is that although they have agreed to close the account having been informed that it is Statute Barred, there is nothing that prevents someone else from chasing the debt. Or is that also wrong? They can't just play pass the parcel with the debt?
  9. UPDATE : Mucky Hall - We have investigated your complaint and find that your account does fall within the definition of the limitations act ... blah blah blah .... therefore we are closing the account and passing it back to the client ... blah blah blah .... however you need to be advised that although legal proceedings cannot begin this doesn't mean that the debt cannot still be pursued ... blah blah blah .... Your complaint has not been upheld but we will not contact you again.
  10. UPDATE : Mucky Hall - We are still undertaking investigations .... blah blah blah ...... we will contact you in due course ..... blah blah blah. Lowlife Port. - Further to my recent communication, I have concluded my investigation. Whilst the information available indicates that the debts are due and payable, we have decided in this instance to take no further action and close the accounts. Blah blah blah .....
  11. UPDATE : From Lowell, a letter stating "we are still investigating your complaint. We aim to get back to you with more information within 8 weeks. blah blah blah". So not much to say really.
  12. UPDATE : After sending my application for Certificate of Cancellation, I have had a letter back with the PO enclosed. They state they cannot issue the certificate as there was no judgement made. The outstanding amount was paid before the due date and therefore there is nothing to cancel, and thus nothing to certify. Follow me? LOL Oh well. I guess that means it's case closed.
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