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  1. ok everyone another month has passed and no phone calls since telephone calls back in august.
  2. sorry i have not replied sooner but i only picked up your post earlier. ok this is a brief history of my ecp joking parking ticket. i followed all previous advise and have ignored all correspondence sent to me, after a few threataning letters they have passed my case on to a credit mamagement company - control account plc. they last sent me a threataning letter in july which i ignored. about 4 weeks ago i recieved a telephone call on my home and work numbers requesting settlement of bill. i asked them where they got my works phone number and they said it was pas
  3. it says i owe euro car parks £ 115 and i have 5 days. If i dont i could face serious legal consequences. Thet say: We have firm instructions to start legal proceedings and apply for a county court judgement against me if i do not pay. This could mean you pay legal costs and interest on top of your full balance and it may affect your ability to get credit.
  4. Sorry, i have'nt got a scanner, are you aware of anyone who has actually been taken to court by these people.
  5. A few months ago i got a pcn from euro car parks in cardiff. I parked at 7.15 pm and returned at 9.08pm to find a parking ticket placed on windscreen timed at 8.40pm. The notice said i had exceeded maximun stay and that i had been recorded leaving the car park. The car park sign said return within 1 hr 30 mins , penalty if no return within 2 hours. The ticket was placed on my car within the 1hr 30 min window. I received a letter from euro car parks for £60 pound and i then received another letter for £90 advising if i did not pay they would forward my details
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