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  1. i don't interact with them now i just ignore them
  2. hi guys update on my debt letter , i had a message on my landline answer phone so i 1471 the number, here is the number so you get through direct 01709537294 so you don't have to get throught to the 0843 nunber i used my dictaphone to record the phone call when i rang to find out what the so called debt is for they said it was for kays, isad i never used kays to my knowledge to which they said they will send me the details of the debt but i still havn't had it, i told them i will ring kays which i did and kays have no record of the debt,
  3. i have a dictaphone so if they do call i will record the conversation ;)
  4. i called them on landline but that is ex directory as for mobile i just hang up on them i have had same sort of letters in the past but they where genuine as i sorted the debt with the company in question at the time i just rang and said i wasn't going to pay the debt colletctor and told the company that i have offered in past a payment that i could manage and if they wanted to take me to court to go ahead as i have proof i offered said payments all was sorted there and then :) all i'll do is wait for them to call me if they do i'll tell them to get stuffed ...there's one good thing in my
  5. hi guys and gals i received a letter this morn, so i rang to find out abit more as to were/when/with whome i was ment to have built up this so called debt ? there was no answer so i left my mobile numb for them to contact me so i'm just waiting now to see if they call me and when they do i will tell them to go forth and multiply and if they turn up at my door i will seek action against them :sad: do i just sit and wait or should i cut and paste gust letter and send email to them ??
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