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  1. I have been having trouble from 1&1 Internet since March 2012 after a domain I owned auto renewed (without my knowledge or consent) but fortunately the debit card I used to pay for it 2 years earlier had expired so the payment was not made. It has got to the point where the debt for £7.18 was passed on to a debt collection agency called Arvato Bertelmann, who also added £5 charge to the debt. Many emails back and forth with 1&1 Internet has not got me anywhere and more threatening lettesr were received. After searching the web I've found many many people over the years with the same issue but my problem has not gone away. I have today received a very threatening letter from a company called HL Legal Solicitors stating they are acting for Arvato. It says this is my last warning and they are going to take me to County Court unless I pay within 7 days etc. What are my rights? Who can I speak to resolve this issue. I do not want to pay them a single penny as I never received any form of notification for renewal of the domain name. HL Legal state in their letter that this will affect my credit rating as they will be passing my detials on to all Credit Reference Agencies. I'm now really worried as I'm about to remortgaging. Here's a snippet from the letter: "We act for Arvato Limited who are agents for the above creditor (1&1 Internet Ltd). We are instructed that despite numerous opportunities to resolve this matter you have failed to pay the above amount. You account has been escalated to us as the final stage of the collection process. Take Notice: You should accept this letter as formal notification that unless payment is received within 7 days then your account will be considered for legal action in the County Court for recovery of the full amount outstanding. Any such proceedings will include additional claims for legal costs and interest which will increase the amount that you will be required to pay." And so it goes on..There will be no further warning.... Hope someone can help.
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