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  1. would it still be possible to have a claim against them even though the account is now settled.
  2. I had a finance agreement with Park Motor Finance in Wales in Sept 2006. I have lost the original agreement so have only memory to go by. I paid the car for 2 years and tried to Voluntary Terminate, sent letters and phoned them. They made it difficult to VT as they said the car had to be taken to Wales from Scotland. Then said Newcastle or i could arrange an uplift for £500 all at my expense. The long and short of it is the car was Reposessed about 6 months later after i had stopped payments to them about Aug 2008. As far as i remember i never had a court order to reposess the car. After it was taken the car was auctioned and the remainder i was told to pay through various debt collection agencies. Forward to June 2012 and i received a court order to pay the remainder of the balance of £1800 plus costs and interest, which was to be paid in installments of £194. i was away on holiday during the case date and couldn't attend so made an offer to settle as advised by CAB. This has now been settled in full. Is it still possible for me to get copies of all correspondance during they sent up until the reposession and court order. Can i still fight back or is it too late to dispute. Thank you for your help, sorry if this is confusing.
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