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    bad dentistry

    I've had the most awful experience with my NHS dentist... after 2 months of emergency appointments, 3 lots of antibiotics and an attempted (and failed) root canal, I was told she can't do it and I need to see a root specialist. Understandably there will be a waiting period on NHS for treatment but even after my third or fourth emergency appointment (each time she had to give me anaesthetic, drill into my tooth, take more xrays etc etc etc) even then no attempt was made to prioritise my case and even then she didn't pick up that there was a problem! Even after begging hysterically due to the pain, no attempt was made to see me quicker. And no pain medication was prescribed, only antibiotics which have ceased to work after 3 courses in 2 months. I've since seen two private dentists for 2nd and 3rd opinions - both insisted that she should never have even attempted a root canal in the first place due the root's complexity. This they deducted from a single xray immediately. So after 2 months of torture and a new-found anxiety when I visit the dentist (which I never had before) I have to get it removed anyway. But it's touching the nerve that runs through my jaw so I'm now on another list to see a facial specialist at the hospital. I've not slept in weeks, am taking an unsafe number of painkillers every day just to try to manage the pain, can't eat and yet no-one will prioritise my case, I feel utterly helpless in the hands of this system.
  2. Customers always complain about pushy or manipulative sales people but ultimately they need to take responsibility for their choices. You can't force someone to hand over their money for something they don't want - it's ultimately your choice, stop complaining and take charge of the situation. Ask the questions you want to ask and you will get the right advice. Currys are running a business and it's naive to say they don't have the customers' needs at the forefront of every decision they make because they wouldn't have survived and outdone all their major competitors if they didn't care about customers - not in this day and age. Their training is based on psychology and insights - what customers tell them they want. And if you don't buy into their vision then stop making excuses about the 'economic climate' and find yourself a new job and stop being so naive.
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