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  1. I have been charged £4,534.00 for a simple funeral in Kent. Does anyone know if this is excessive and if so who do I go to for help? debgirl
  2. Thanks assisted blonde. I will be looking into this as I think I have been over charged full stop anyway? debgirl
  3. Thanks for all your help everyone. I took your advice and they assure me the account will be written off within 6 days. Fingers crossed
  4. Hi Madamfluff I have just been charged £4,534.00 for my Dads simple funeral. When given the quote, I asked how much cheaper it would be with 1 car instead of 2? They told me it would make no difference at all. Since the funeral, I have phoned other funeral directors to be told I have paid at least £1,000 over the odds. I am extremely angry that people are being ripped off by these so called sympathetic funeral directors. My thoughts are with you
  5. Thanks BRIGADIER2JCS Maybe I should get on to OFFWAT too? Just seems astonishing that they seem to think they can get away with it. There are probably lots of people out there that just pay it, thinking they haven't a choice or not in the right frame of mind to deal with it.
  6. Thanks for that citizenB. I'll get on to them straight away and let you know how I get on
  7. rebel11 Thanks for that I will phone them again and see what they have to say? It has taken 3 calls already just to get a final balance, as they repeatedly sent estimated bills:mad2:
  8. No I am not living in the property citizenB. It was council owned.
  9. I have recently had to arrange my Dads funeral and was asked for a £2,000 deposit. The total funeral costs for a very simple affair, came to £4,534.00. I was told,if deposit wasn't paid by the day of the funeral they would not be able to go ahead with proceedings. Considering I had only just registered his death that very day,I explained that insurance policies had not been sorted yet and I hadn't the money. They still inssisted I had to pay. Luckily my friend stepped in and paid it for me. As you can imagine, this was a very traumatic day for me. Please could someone tell me if this deposit was higher than normal and were they within their rights to ask this of me? Thankyou debgirl
  10. Hi I have been told that I am liable for any monies owing by my Dad to Thames Water. Insurance policies did not even cover funeral costs so where do I go from here? As I informed them of his death, they have taken my details and sent me the bill in my name. Any help please on where I stand legally would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou Debgirl
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