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  1. I am experiencing difficulty in finding somebody at ebay who can help me with my suspended account, and therefore I hoped that an expert here could help. I sold an Phillips HD Freeview Recorder on ebay some time ago, which was in perfect working order. a few months later, i logged back into my ebay account, and to my surprise my account had been blocked. It seems that the buyer had decided that the item did not work, and sent it back. Ok, fair enough, it could have been damaged in the post; ebay immediately reimbursed the buyer with £105, and he sent the item back. But I did not *ever* receive the item back. I contacted ParcelForce, and they said they had to destroy the Packet because the buyer wrote an illegible address for return (and did not send it insured either). So now I have no Item, and i am expected to reimburse ebay £105. Each time i attempt to resolve this situation i come to a dead end with ebay. i cannot lodge an appeal because some time limit has expired, and I just keep getting told that I have to reimburse ebay. The last email i sent (explaining everything) was replied to with 'As it's important that eBay maintains member privacy, I can't discuss another member's account with you.', but IT IS my account. Ive called ebay on 3 separate occasions, had numerous online chats with 'customer service' agents, and each time i've been told that all i've got to do is pay back ebay £105 to unblock my account. I would not do this even if i had the money to pay them (which i dont, because i have been signed off work sick with stress-related depression) -because i think its wrong. I personally believe it to be the fault of the buyer in this situation. My credit rating will be affected by this situation, and through no fault of my own. What can i do? should i take ebay to to small claims court? Also, I cannot seem to find any fixed UK address to send complaints to.. can anyone help me with this? thanks in advance for any help you can give me.
  2. i have read the above thread with great interest, as i am very much in need of some help with my experience with ebay. Is this the best place to post the problem? I am not sure of the correct etiquette for online forums. thanks for any guidance you can give me. Jon
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