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  1. Hi all, I spoke with Santander this evening who are refusing to refund any charges, to cancel futures charge etc.. - The tail above develops and it transpires that the £85 being charged this month is actually £5 per day for being overdrawn - from when they took me overdrawn with their charges last month. I have moved bank accounts as of about now. Meaning that no more salary will go into Santander and no more direct debits will go out. My current balance on the account is £1.something. So - on 15th May some reasonable charges went out, taking me overdrawn On 16t
  2. To be clear - I was refused an overdraft. I did have a £2,500 overdraft years ago with Santander / Abbey - which I cleared. Same account. No issues with it, they calle me one day about 5 years ago and asked me to start reducing it by £80 ish per month. I agreed and it got cleared.
  3. Yes, actually... I asked sometime in the last 8-12 weeks. I was told I could apply for a loan - didn't want to. In fairness my credit is only just on the way up..
  4. No - no overdraft whatsoever I'm afraid. Is this good or bad...? I've just browsed through BCOBS and am failing to find anything I can quote in relation to levying charged upon charges...
  5. Thanks very much... Treating bank-imposed charges as unauthorised - ( has already conceded as a "gesture of goodwill" on this BCOBS point) Levying charges upon charges - (RBS has already conceded as a "gesture of goodwill" on this BCOBS point)
  6. Hi all, I'm just about to leave Santander (Metro Bank - in case you're curious). However, they have hammered the final nail into their coffin this month. The month before last I received some (fair) bank charges for going over my limit -about £35. Santander took these out on circa 16th of the month, at which point there was no money in my account - thus I went overdrawn. The next month they charged me - again - for going overdrawn, when my bank charges were taken out (no other occasions). I seem to recall it being against policy for a bank to 'charge for ch
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