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  1. Hi All I have business debts from late 2008 when I closed my business. There have been some ongoing legal issues with my landlord who was responsible for it's closure but these have come to nothing as we can't find him! This is why I am only now dealing with these debts. I was advised by the National Debtline to write to my creditors letting them know I was pursuing a DRO. However, my income is so low that I just can't save up the money to enter into a DRO. I am now so ill with all of this that I am considering writing to my creditors to ask them to write off my debt. How would I go about this when I have already told them I am entering into a DRO? Most of my debt has been given over to credit agencies, however I owe a large amount of VAT and I'm worried HMRC won't accept a write off of the debt. My debts are to VAT (HMRC) Water (UU)(was with Moorcroft but they gave it back when I mentioned a DRO!) Business loan (from a small firms 'helper')(have CCJ with this but have never paid it by agreement) Small overdraft with Barclays (now with Lowells) Utilities (UW)(has been with two DCAs but haven't heard from anyone for a while) Any advice would be much appreciated.
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