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  1. Great, thanks for the insights. So just for clarification, if I do win by default, this debt would have to be repaid at 8% for life unless he files insolvency?
  2. I believe the address of his company is with the accountants, who look like they have not been paid. read on another thread about this company that they (the company/accountants/building) didn't sign for a letter posted to them and reposted it back saying 'not at this address'. can they (the company/accountants/building) do that? So should i apply for the CCJ while the company is still alive now (most likely to be dissolved) or wait until he surfaces and apply for the CCJ at the new address?
  3. he is currently a director of the company he started (that is probably going bust), and the company has an official address registered with companies house. would i be able to apply for the CCJ at this address of his company?
  4. i was afraid you would say that... waiting 6 years idea is good. what would i be waiting for? for him to be settled with a job, business and kid? he has a baby due with his gf in a few weeks. if they get married, will his new wife be liable for the funds as well? p.s. the one thing that complicates this situation is that i'm an american citizen on a student visa and might not be staying in the country too long (year tops).
  5. Hi guys, So I made a personal loan to a friend for £2,500 on March 8, 2012. There was a contract for repayment in full after 2 weeks with no interest and was witnessed by a third party. This friend was moving cities and opening a new business, so he needed funds for housing/expenses etc. Repayment time comes and apparently his business has failed terribly. He's moved home and nowhere to be found. Won't answer my calls. Will respond via text sporadically saying he will pay in 3 days, then not respond for two weeks. What do I do? In another thread it was suggested that I start with a tracing agent? Then what? My concerns are: 1) I don't have his address or know where he is 2) I know he is dodging his ex-wife for child support, so will most likely not have many assets in his name 3) I've heard he has setup a new company, using his father's name as a Director and paying himself out through the company what do i do?!?!?
  6. Thanks Emmzzi. Any recommendations on which agency? So would the actions go like this: 1) Hire tracing agency to get address 2) Write letter demanding payment within 30 days, otherwise court action 3) File small claims in 30 days using the address from the tracing agency?
  7. Hey guys, I came to this thread from Googling for 'Company A' by its real name. I gave a personal loan for £2,500 that was to last two weeks to one director of Company A, let's call him "Mr. X." This was to the Director and not the company. It was with a written contract and witnessed in March 2012 to help set up Company A/get settled in a new city. Now he has disappeared and no one knows where he lives. Only in contact via text message as he won't answer my calls. He promises to pay by a date, then goes silent till a week after the date, then repeats. It's been this way for 4-5 months now. What are my options? Perks30, have you had any luck being in contact with Company A or its directors? The conclusion I have come to is to send him writing demanding payment within 30 days... My concern is the same as Perks30 that he will file insolvency and I will end up with nothing. Please help!
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