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  1. it was on a sunday and there were delays and i had just missed the train while buying a ticket. i just didnt want to get in trouble with my parents, i thought if it came in another name i could secretly pay it. ive never been fined before so i dont no how it works, i thought it would be obvious what they had sent me. i think i just panicked at the time because if they had thrown it away thinking it was rubbish i would of really been screwed.
  2. Thats the problem. I didn't think it would as serious as court. I always buy a valid ticket and have even purchased a student rail card to help with the costs, so when i was giving a false name i didnt think. also i didnt no they called to check you live there so i was shocked they didnt realise this person wasn't real. is there no way they consider letting me settle this, im just very confused as to what to do because if i ask them to let me settle this i would have to continue being this person that doesnt exsist, but if i do that and it doesnt work i can only imagine im in further trouble. if i do tell them what happened i know im in trouble anyway, but im not sure what kind. I can assume it will be fine and criminal conviction is there a chance of a prison sentence Thanks
  3. it doesn't say im afraid. it just has another piece of paper attached asking me to write down what happened and to sign it. im not sure what to do as i didnt give my real name. im not sure if i should ignore the letter as it is technically not in name.
  4. hi the letter states that the offence is 'remain a reserved seat, berth or train without the appropriate ticket'.
  5. ive been sent a notice of intent to prosecute. and im not sure what to do. i was travelling from hatfield to kings cross with a std ticket and i sat in first class. The only reason I sat in first class was because the train was overcrowded and I had been waiting for the train for over an hour. I walked down to the end of the platform got on the train and sat down. I really wasn't aware that you could be prosecuted for doing so. when the ticket inspector asked to see my ticket i showed it to him and this is when he told me that i would be fined for sitting there. He asked me to pay upfront but i didn't have the money so i asked if he could send it to my house so i could pay it that way. He did caution me and ask me a list of questions which i answered but he didn't say anything about this going to court. However what i did do is give a fake name which the inspector called to check and passed. Im not sure how because that person does not exist in that house. name but my real address. This was not because i didn't have the intention of not paying but because i didn't want to get in trouble when the letter got sent to my house. Im not really sure what to do now. I didnt get on the train with the intention of sitting in first class and not paying i just stupidly sat there. I was just tired and cold and wanted to sit down. any advice would be appreciated as im not sure if i should call them, write to them or to ignore this as its not addressed to me. Im a student with very little money and i accept what i did was very niave but i would really like to settle this out of court. thanks
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