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  1. Can't figure out how to edit my above post but I just wanted to add that my comments around them not checking financial aspects relates to family visas (spouse etc). They do check bank statements for working holiday visas and a few others (such as retirement visas).
  2. Can confirm that credit records are not checked. I have been through the application process three times now (2007, 2011 and 2016) and what they are looking at is health requirements and criminal convictions. The immi website explains it further. I have been through similar to yourself. I made minimum repayments (5 GBP per month) for a good five years after moving and then let them know of my new address. One of my creditors was sending annual statements for a while but this has now stopped, as have my payments. I am waiting for them to ask for payment and then I will happily offer them a reduced settlement. From memory, I have paid off two out of four using this approach but the others, for some reason, are happy to not contact me, even though they have my address and I am not making payments. Student Loan was a different story however and I put a lot of effort in to paying this off. I checked my credit report a few years ago and it was completely blank. Maybe the debt collectors have applied for CCJs since then, but I doubt it. If they have then I can deal with it in the future as I have proof that they were aware of my AUS address.
  3. Any defaults recorded would disappear from experian after six years - when did you move out?
  4. Hi, Have a look for a company called 'Currency Fair'. The fee is around 3 GBP per transfer and you get to either use the daily rate, (better rate than the banks) or select your own and wait to see if it becomes available. I will leave it at that as I don't want this to sound like a marketing ploy. I just cringed slightly when I read you were using PayPal for transferring money as you'll be losing a bit of money with their rates ! Edit - Sorry, just noticed that you don't have a UK account set up so this might not won't work for you !
  5. Around 8k I believe. No threat-o-grams at the time, but was following advice from that old debt advice charity, CCCA or whatever they were called !
  6. I just read on another thread that an SAR will only provide you with six years worth of statements from the date of request? If this is true then I don't think they will have anything as it defaulted in 2005. Can't remember if PPI was involved, but I was pressured in to signing the contract by the courier who delivered the cheque. It was a consolidation loan from Sainsburys. Have you heard of SARs working from overseas?
  7. That is a good point, but I would hate to move back and be faced with the prospect of an easy court action, at a time when I would be moving over with no job etc it would be stressful.
  8. Thanks for replying. Yep they all have my current address. I'm using the F&F templates on this site and I'm double checking the wording on the replies before paying. I'm in a country which, according to some stickies on here, there is little chance of them being able to get anywhere. Do I CCA the original creditor or Capquest? It's a pre-2007 debt. Edit - Sorry, just checked the library and realised that I can send this direct to Capquest.
  9. Hi all, Some background before my question... I live overseas and have been paying off very old debts by way of F&F payments for the past few months. I am left with two small HSBC debts and a Capquest one which was originally a loan from a bank. Capquest have purchased this debt. My credit file is blank as the defaults all dropped off many years ago. I've been making token payments for the last 8 or 9 years but have recently stopped. I'm just wondering what the typical collection pattern is for Capquest? I'll start receiving their threat letters soon so I want to know what to expect from them. Do they tend to sell the debts on after a certain amount of letter attempts? I will be paying it off at some point, to avoid any future troubles if I ever move to the UK again, but a F&F is not possible in its current state as it's around the 10k mark... I'm assuming that each time it is sold on to a new DCA, the F&F amount they will accept will get less and less. Many thanks in advance.
  10. Did they update a record on your file ? Or did they add a debt which had previously completely dropped off your file? Thanks
  11. I think this one is a big no-no. Getting in to debt on purpose is not good. Even if you were to max out your credit cards by donating all of the available funds to charity, this would still be questionable. Plus you would be increasing the country's overall debt if your plan went wrong. Only by a relatively tiny amount of course ! If you are keen on paying off the debts then maintain token payments and pay them off in the future for a smaller amount if you are able to. I think that it would be fraud however I'm sure nothing would come of it as it would be difficult to prove and even more difficult to track you down. I doubt that they would figure out the connection. PS for your other thread, you should tell them your new address to avoid the CCJs. I wish that I did that when I moved away as it would have avoided so much worry for me !
  12. I think I will do that before offering a full & final. They offered me a 10% discount on the phone.
  13. I just spoke with them (and I recorded it, thanks for the idea). They confirmed that defaults were definitely registered back in 2006 and they also confirmed what you guys already knew - and kept telling me - that once the account has dropped off your file, paying it off does not make it reappear. So now I am free to pay these debts off without having to worry about my credit file being damaged. I gave them my overseas address as the accounts were actually with Litigations department and so this will stop them from applying for CCJs. This got me thinking...I'm going to write to all my creditors to let them know my overseas address. Is it worth me doing CCA requests to each creditor, just to make sure that that they are in fact, enforceable?
  14. Thanks, good idea, I will do. I'm very tempted to call them instead but I know that wouldn't end well...
  15. I asked on Twitter. HSBC 'don't do emails' as they are not secure so I have written up some letters to send off. My aim is to find out if any defaults have been registered - and when
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