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  1. If i sign a VS form can they keep the money then and still force me to pay the arrears off?
  2. Yeah they keep trying to insist i pay £450 worth of charges for a £100 overfraft. Are you able to VT on HP and in arrears?
  3. Thanks for that, i did insist to the lady on the phone that if i was to hand it back and they sell it at auction the money made would come off the arrears but she just insisted it wouldnt. From what i've read credit style are bad to deal with along with moorcroft who are pestering.
  4. Anyone please? Can anyone just answer if any funds made at auction go towards the arrears.
  5. Evening all, Ive scoured through pages of threads but am unable to come up with an answer. I took a HP out with Blackhorse in Oct 2007 on which it was a 3 year agreement with 278.60 payments. Due to redundancy and only temp jobs since i have been able to make some payments. All in all i have roughly paid £6100 with arrears(remaining balance) of £4200. I did send numerous letters to blackhorse but they did not respond and has now been with credit style. I met one of their representatives on Wednesday and they basically stated to make payments of £330 (all figures rough) for 12 months or to VS the car. I am currently awaiting a job response and should hear back Monday/Tuesday, if successful i want to pay it off on their 12 month plan. However if this does not go to plan the only option i can see is to VS. They have stated however any value made at auction will not go towards the arrears and i will have to still pay the remaining £4000. I thought any cash made would at least go towards my arrears as the car is still easily worth £5000 on a trade in value. Sorry for lack of info and the jumbleness im just panicking, i did request a SAR and a copy of my agreement on Wednesday, hopefully should arrive soonish. Thanks fo reading
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