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  1. HI Andy I'd be guessing here - but maybe 4 years without acknowledgement/payment - and then the CCJ happened just over 2 years ago. I'm going to contact the courts and see what the dates are exactly, and maybe speak with the original creditor and find out exactly what's what. I'm tempted to make a monthly offer to them (£1) - but having read multiple threads on here - they tend to ignore those.
  2. I have a CCJ for an old debt - an ex applied for some PayDay Loans in my name (whilst we were together) and this is the hangover from it. The CCJ only came to light around 9 months ago, when out of the blue I got a phone call on the office land line and it was TM-Legal... I have no idea how they got the number, or where I worked - but I took their details and called them back in private - and gave them my mobile number, and told them I wanted any future communication to be done by post or email. The guy was a bit arsey - and said they don't do that... but as
  3. Hey - got money back in the end. Think it was only because of the bad press he was getting over Facebook than him being a fair trading busines man. Buyer beware...
  4. I will do - the latest is it's going to happen in the next 3 hours (we've heard this before mind...) else we start action. Thanks for your help - the archived web page will prove useful
  5. Looking at that - I bet they don't even adhere to any fire regulations. Just cheap chinese tat. We have made things a little personal, there is one person who has been texting (number on website, so fair game in my eyes) who made a mistake in a post and linked her personal facebook page. Turns out she's on probation as per one of her status's. Scared her a little by saying she's knowingly helping a business defraud a customer by giving us the run around and telling us things that aren't true. She seems a bit panicky now. Could be interesting.
  6. One of the comments was delivered at midnight - this is certainly sounding like him!
  7. Luxury Living International Limited Unit 21 Stone Holme Road, Rossendale, Lancashire, BB4 8AX Private Limited Company with Share CapitalCompany no. 09978726 Overview Status ACTIVE Incorporated 1 February 2016 (2 Months Old) People 1 active directors & 0 active secretaries View All People > Mr Shahzad Mirza Annual Returns Next annual return made up to 1 February 2017 due by 1 March 2017 Accounts Next accounts made up to 1 March 2017 due by 1 November 2017
  8. Because they both have exactly the same name... I found the company on companies house by searching that name....
  9. Domain name: ll-uk.co.uk Registrant: Shahzad Mirza Registrant type: Unknown Registrant's address: Unit 21, Brittania Mill Stone Holme Road Crawshaw Booth BB4 8AX United Kingdom Company House results show this gentleman operating at the following address - for Luxury Living Unit 1, Whitefield Mill, St Marys Street, Colne, Lancashire, United Kingdom, BB8 7BA Role Director Date of birth February 1977 Appointed on 1 February 2016 Nationality British Country of residence United Kingdom Occupation Director
  10. Am I breaking rules if I post names/addresses on here? It's not privileged information - it's information that's freely available online.
  11. Yes that's the one Ok, I am going to see my brother tomorrow. I've asked them to make a diary/timeline of all the phone calls they've made (well the ones that have been answered anyway) and a brief description on what was discussed/said. Having just spoken to him, I have wrongly assumed he'd recorded a phone call... so we only have one recording (which for me is incriminating enough) and calls are going unanswered. We have a raft of text messages from some of the mobile numbers advertised on the Website which promise a refund and to me acknowledge the sale. I could mail or tex
  12. Thank you for taking the time to write a detailed response. Just to clarify - it's Luxury Living UK - the Director on companies house matches the /whois info for the website - and only after name dropping him did I seem to get responses. Their credit rating (I had the Director of the business I work for check) is very good - though they are newly formed. I know too well that cash on collection isn't ideal - but this was my younger brother who is a little more naive. As far as further phone calls are concerned - the latest my brother had (which I think he recorded) he said someth
  13. Good Morning I apologize if this isn't posted in the correct section. Long story short - my brother purchased a sofa from an online retailer, it was delivered cash on collection, couch was in 'boxes' - when opened the couch was badly damaged. Damage was reported within 5 minutes of delivery, the company ignored and blocked calls from my brother and have refused to do anything about it. We contacted them from a different number and managed to speak with someone who initially offered a refund less delivery (I quoted DSR - as this wasn't a return of unwanted, it was return of fault
  14. Yeah, was a wrong letter in the wrong Reg number. It was swiftly corrected - but obviously threw a blip out to the DVLA. Just spoke to the Courts - need to get a few bits of pieces together (which they already have!) and see if we can get them to re-open it. I'll post on here with outcome in due course.
  15. We're married now - and the debt is in her maiden name. We list together in privately rented housing - would I have to declare my income the bailiffs seeing as they're non-the-wiser of me living there our our marriage? There is a contact number on the letter (which wasn't even enveloped) - should I hold off speaking to them until I speak with CAB?
  16. My wife received a fine of £300 for owning an un-insured vehicle. The court date was on a working day and couldn't take time off work to attend. We sent documents to state this was merely a typo and was corrected the same day - however wasn't good enough. Just had a knock at the door, wasn't expecting visitors so didn't answer it - and had the following posted for my Wife; FINAL NOTICE DESPITE PREVIOUS NOTICES AND ATTENDANCE(S) YOU HAVE FAILED TO PAY THE OUTSTANDING SUMS DUE. TAKE NOTICE THAT UNLESS FULL PAYMENT IS MADE IMMEDIATELY I SHALL REMOVE YOUR GOODS FOR SALE AT PUBLIC AUCTI
  17. Linzi, your concerted efforts are duly noted and genuinely appreciated.Thanks to everyone for your support, and a +1 to Carcraft
  18. Linzi, Thank You.Any genuine help will be massively apprecaited and documented back on here.I'll inbox my reg. Unable to Inbox, lack of posts.Hi Linzi,As reqeusted, my vehicle Reg is:MV08 SWYI beleive we've been booked in for Tuesday 17th July at Rochdale.Kind Regards
  19. Check my post below - when I bought the car they told me they'd serviced the damn thing.#Vexed
  20. Hi,I don't beleive I have any stamps in the service book (surprise) - however there is a leaflet from a garage with a few boxes ticked for services carried out, one of them saying "service indicator reset"Attached within is also a shiny new battery for my keyfob.On the same leaflet, it advised that the next service is due at 26k miles.Would this count as evidence of a service?How much is a premium service?When I 1st purchased the car, I couldn't drive it away the same day so had to return to pick up the car 3 days later, then a week later I received a phone call to say that Carcraft had filled
  21. I bought a car from Carcraft 10 months ago. It's done 31,200 miles. (Renault Megane Dynamique, 2008) The mileage clock on this car has a countdown beneath it - which I assume is for the miles to the next service. It's now displaying 800 miles. I assume this is a service countdown indicator? I maybe wrong. The Service Due light has just come on the dash. I rang them to book it in - however because I neglected to take it in within 6 months they're talking about 'Re-Evaluating' my warranty. Sounds like they want money to me. The terms and conditions state that '
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